Two wheelers on rent conquering the urban jungle in Koramangala

bike for rent in koramangala Bengaluru

In 2016, Jeffery Archer visited Bangalore to launch his fabulous book. If only I could remember the name of the book. BBC News talked a bit about this event in one of their articles. They wrote – “While addressing the audience at the launch Jeffery Archer commented, ‘A woman walking on the pavement overtook my car eight times and my car overtook her eight times. Two more times and we would have been engaged. I’ve visited Bangalore many times in the past, but this time whenever I called anyone to fix an appointment, the directions came with a warning, “Start early to factor in traffic delays.’” According to them, fans smiled but those experiencing the city jams were not tickled. – BBC News, December 2016

According to The News Minute in March 2017, “Terrorists who attacked IISc in 2005 also reportedly targeted IIM, but did not strike because they got stuck in a traffic jam”. They write, “According to a report by Nikhil Gangadhar in the Deccan Herald, Bengaluru may be the first city in the world that stopped at least one terrorist attack using just bad traffic.”

The clogged insurmountable roads make it very difficult for commuters to maneuver around on a day-to-day basis. This is the state of events in most parts of Bengaluru. Koramangala, the once upon a time sleepy deserted village, is hustling and bustling with public transport today. In 1980’s and 1990’s this area was mosquito-infested and wasn’t livable at all. However, today Koramangala spread over 1800 acres is one of the most favored and expensive locations in this whatever is remaining of the green city.

Being in the heart of the city, the neighborhood is well connected to many parts of the city – Adugodi in the north, Bellandur in the east, HSR Layout in the south and BTM Layout in the west. The 80 feet road connects to Viveknagar and MG Road. The intermediate ring road links the Old Airport Road to Hosur Road and Electronic city.

Koramangala is an address to many stars and business hotels. There are hotels such as Davanam Sarovar Portico, Shilton Royale, Grand Mercure, Fab Hotels, BluPetal Hotel etc. There are many popular restaurants and lounges in this locality such as Punjab Grill, Spaghetti Kitchen, Sultans of Spice, Bay Leaf, Purple Haze, Fenny’s lounge and kitchen, Enigma the pub, Social, Barleyz et al. The malls and retail outlets in this locality include Forum Mall, Oasis Centre, Total Mall, Marks & Spencer’s, Van Heusen, Levi’s, Fab India etc. You can even shop in hypermarkets such as Spar or Spencer’s, the namesake etc.

The neighborhood has several reputed educational institutions, hospitals, and multi-specialties – St. John’s Medical College, RJS Institute of Management Studies, St. Francis School, Lawrence School, Carmel, Garden Public School, St. John’s Medical College, Apollo Spectra Hospitals etc.

Koramangala is a home to luxury houses, complex apartments, and even commercial spaces. The prices for both rent and ownership are exorbitant however we find companies and IT professionals spending the amount to rent property here. From a sleepy deserted village to an urban jungle, Koramangala is choked with vehicles and chaos.

According to an article in Times of India 2016, the Koramangala residents had been on the edge with the chaos that heavy traffic created. This is also the result of horrifying road conditions. The media professionals summed up the resident’s dilemma – “Our quiet colony has been transformed into a noisy neighborhood due to short-sighted diversions. I take 15 minutes to cross Sarjapur Road signal to reach my yoga class, which is barely 100 meters away from my residence

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Two-wheelers on rent restoring Indiranagar’s natural ambience

Indra nagar

When the fabled founder of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda, set out to build his dream city in the early sixteenth century,” writes George, “his mother gave him two instructions: Keregalam kattu, marangalam nedu. Build lakes, plant trees.” In stark contrast now, most parts of Bangalore have turned into steel and concrete jungles. It’s once empty roads are choked with traffic congestion that would give Beijing a run for its money; a large section of the city suffers from water crisis; and, over the last few years, incidents of atrocity towards people from India’s northeast or from the African nations have been on the surge.” – HuffPost, Somak Ghoshal, November 2016.

The year is 2018. Nothing has changed. This is the state of affairs in most parts of the city around Bengaluru – it gets worse every day. Let’s explore one of the gorgeous localities of Bangalore – Indiranagar.

In the 1980’s Indiranagar was created as a BDA layout. Indiranagar is one of the most expensive, luxurious and sought after places in Bengaluru. It was named after country’s former prime minister, Indira Gandhi. It is divided into two stages. Indiranagar is also known as CMH Road metro station.The metro station is located on C.M.H road in Indiranagar. This locality shares good connectivity with well-known and established neighborhoods like Ulsoor and M.G Road in the West, Domlur in South, Vimanapura in East and Byappanahalli in the North. Located in the heart of the city with spacious lanes and tree-lined streets, make this locality a living delight. This locality is an address to many independent homes and multi-story buildings.There are several famous politicians and celebrities living in this area.

Though broadly a residential hub, Indiranagar developed into a commercial sector post the emergence of the IT division. It is a home to expansive retail outlets, shopping malls and restaurants. It has a huge number of large-scale branded showrooms lined up such as Allen Solly, Louis Philippe, Fab India, and Wills Lifestyle et al. There are numerous restaurants, cafes and pub dominating Indiranagar avenues. There are popular microbreweries and bars like Toit, Bflat bar, Monkey bar etc. restaurants like The Black Rabbit, Barbeque Nation etc. and cafes like The Wishing Chair etc. In this neighborhood, nightlife is dominated by live events carried out in cafes and restaurants surrounding the place.

Indiranagar is known for the best healthcare institutions such as Columbia Asia Hospitals, CMH hospital, Motherhood, ESI Hospital. There are reputed schools, pre-schools and international schools located here. A few popular ones are SSB International School, Pristine Public School, National Public School, and Silicon City Public School. Colleges here include Sampurna Montfort College, St Mary’s College, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Garden City College, and SMSG Jain Arts & Commerce College. Indiranagar is also a home to many star hotels 12th Avenue, The Mayer, The Grand Serenity, and Hotel City Centre Residency.

These progressions, expansions and vibrant culture attract people who want to experience a pulsating and alive nightlife. We see many young souls diving into this vivacious energy. However, there are many who hesitate to travel the distance during peak traffic hours. The situation gets out of hand when commuters have to deal with clogged roads and chaos for a longer span of time.

Indiranagar is a stunning neighborhood fenced by greenery and the required amenities. If you ever wonder what kind of picture Kempe Gowda’s mother had in mind when she spoke of a city immersed in lakes and trees – I think Indiranagar and Ulsoor do immense justice to that vision. However, this image is changing dramatically. The residents here can feel the pain of everyday commute.

Interestingly, in 2017 a resident of Indiranagar Praveen created WhatsApp group for local residents and traffic police officials. His agenda was to bring traffic and other similar horror road stories to everyone’s notice so something can be done about it. The first post was on crowding of lanes by a series of auto-rickshaws on C.M.H road. The very same day cops resolved this issue. This is how disturbing congestion, crowding, and chaos can be for daily commuters. The News Minute journalist, Prajwal Bhat, covered this story in November 2017.

This brings to light how commuters want a hassle-free travel and want their everyday commute to be efficient and peaceful. Though the WhatsApp group initiative was quite ingenious and helpful – I think commuters need to take traveling in their own hands to make commuting pain-free and enjoyable. Today many companies are coming up with innovative solutions – one such resolution is to get two-wheelers on rent for the daily commute. Maneuvering around via bike can make the day-to-day travel less laborious and a lot more fun.

Purchasing two-wheeler can be a costly affair. Bike on rent can make travel simple and affordable. Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company, is thriving to make a commuter’s travel life easier and more efficient. They offer two-wheelers for rent on a monthly basis with multiple perks. Talk with our executives or visit our office in Koramangala to know more about our bike hire services.



Book Reference: Askew by T.J.S. George.


Uncovering the secrets of a long enjoyable road trip on your bike

Uncovering the secrets of a long enjoyable road trip on your bike

Conversations can be very informative, entertaining and at times it can completely throw you off your seat. I heard something the other night that literally did the latter. I have always enjoyed learning and reading about bike riders who go for these exhilarating road trips. A road trip on a motorbike is also on my bucket list. However, the maximum distance I could think of bikers covering is about 200-300 kms. But when I heard a friend talk about a group of passionate riders riding from Assam till China border left me dumbfounded. Of course since I was literally thrown off my seat by this piece of appalling information, on the floor dumb-founded.

Since the discussion and immense analysis on how riders survived the trip, I have been leafing through tips for long distance travel. I have come to a realization that anything is possible as long as you are ‘extensively’ prepared. Someday, I will be interviewing this group of fanatically passionate riders who made it to and fro of such a long journey and furnish a brilliantly nerve-racking story just for you. However, for now, if you are planning a long distance trip even a percent close this one – you need to be well prepared for it.  That day isn’t far away when I would be interviewing you post your ‘I am speechless’ road trip.

Checklist for a long distance road trip is completely different from that of a normal 3-6 hours or even a 2 days road trip. The preparation for long distance trip, minimum 3-4 days, is way more exhaustive. There are a number of tips to follow however these few are the most significant ones that will make your ride safe, enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Start off with a plan and initial preparation:

Long distance trips don’t get planned overnight. You need to spend a decent amount of time trying to decide on the number of days, work out a proper day-to-day route, research on homestays or hotels where you will be spending the halt or twilight hours. You need to pre-book the hotels in advance. Get your documentation work done – medicines, medical certificates, inspection documents for bikes, hotel confirmation papers etc.

Inspection and servicing of bikes

Inspect the bikes days before travel and ensure to give it for servicing if required. The bike should be in a 100 percent working order. Getting it serviced before the trip can be a smart decision. Servicing will ensure that these crucial things are done – fluids changed, valves calibrated, fuel system cleaned, electrical system checked, bulbs changed and tires checked. This will help in avoiding any mishaps on the way.  Since it’s a long trip it is best to be 200% prepared.

Make sure the tank is completely filled before you start the journey.

The right gear for a longer trip

Gear such as helmet and jacket is important whenever you ride a bike. However, for longer trips you need to be more precautious and dress yourself with a full motorcycle safety gear. Apart from a full-face helmet you need proper bike clothing with armor inserts. Riding on highways can be very noisy hence earplugs are a must. Carrying a few pairs can be very helpful. Opting for bright and visible jacket during longer bike trips will offer a better protection. Ensure that it’s a cozier fit to avoid any distress when it’s windy or raining. All of this may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but you will get used to it. Plus, this gear is going to keep you safe.

There are other gear options that you can carry with you – extra gloves, cooling neck wrap, heated riding suit, protective eyewear, waterproof luggage, few tools like air pumps, flashlights, cable ties, duct tape, Swiss army knife et al.

Pack what you need but be smart about it

Yes, there are quite a few things to carry however you need to be smart when choosing what to pack. No matter how many days you are going to be on the road, you will be wearing the motorcycle gear so packing clothes that you won’t need is quite unnecessary. Only carrying what is required shall ensure your bag is light and doesn’t make the bike heavy. The heavier the bike, the more difficult it will be to ride it and will tire you out more easily.

Be prepared for changing seasons

Global warming is catching up on us and it is impacting weather conditions in the most dramatic ways. For bike riders it can get extremely uncomfortable and more so when they travel long distance. They have to mount the changing weather conditions from cold, hot to rainy. Preparing for these experiences becomes even more essential. Wear or carry vented and waterproof jacket, gloves, ankle length bike boots – these will keep you protected.

Take frequent breaks

After riding for hours one can feel drained out and lose the required focus needed to continue with a safe and fun bike ride. A lot of concentration is needed to stay aware, focused and vigilant during the ride. A good rest in the night and regular breaks will keep you physically and mentally active to not just ride mechanically but to also enjoy every moment.

Careful with your eating habits

Eating light no matter which meal during the bike ride is essential. Overeating can cause fatigue and digestive distress. Heavy meals take a longer time to digest directly affecting your energy levels. To get even more realistic, you might have to go without washroom for hours. One of the biggest challenges with Indian roads is that toilets are not available at every stop. To ensure that light meals don’t make you weak, carrying snack items like energy bars that you can eat as and when you feel hungry.

Hydration is vital

Staying hydrated is even more crucial for bike riders. Dehydration can be tremendously dangerous as it can make one lose concentration; give stomach issues and can even make you faintish. It is a very hazardous situation for any rider to deal with especially when traveling alone. They need to keep themselves hydrated throughout – so take out that couple of minutes to drink (only water please) and drive.

Time and speed rules

Riding in the night can be unsafe and quite risky. The dim lights on roads can make it hard for you to maneuver through and make it even harder for you to be spotted. In India, at night, you will be riding amidst the huge trucks. It gets very difficult to spot the obstacles and low visibility won’t make the ride enjoyable at all. The rider should start off early mornings max by 8 am and end the day by evening, before it gets dark. After all they need a good night’s sleep to ride the next day.

You are not running a marathon. You don’t get a trophy if you reach your destination a few hours early or before others. So go slow. The two things that is most important during the road trip – safety and the whole experience of enjoying everything around you. Riding without a speed limit will get you tired more quickly.

Always keep buffer days

Road trip is all about exploration, adventure and thrills. Keeping a planned everyday route is required but you might have emergencies or a day in between when you might want to take complete rest. Having buffer days will not interfere with your mind and you will be able to customize the trip as per your requirement.  

Lastly, be prepared for emergencies

There is a sense of mystery when you go on long road trips. You don’t know what you might end up discovering. It is not possible to be prepared for everything that might happen. However, some basics need to be taken care of. Be sure to carry things like first aid kit, medicines, basic tool kit incase your bike needs repair and other emergency items you may need.

No matter what you encounter make sure to remain calm. Getting frenzied or paranoid about a situation won’t help in resolving it. Stay calm and work your way out.

As long as you are prepared with the above, you should be able to handle anything. There is a reason you want to taste the thrill of an adventure. Keep that passion alive.

Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company, is transforming the travel culture by offering two-wheelers for rent on a monthly basis. They offer a wide range of bikes and you can choose one that is comfortable and fits your persona. Connect with our executives to know more about our bike hire services.

Happy International Women’s Day – 8th March 2018!

 Happy International Women’s Day

To every woman around the globe,

I am writing this letter to thank each one of you for seeking freedom, fighting battles, aiming for transformation, finding an honorable place for yourself in this politically and the socially entangled world. I want you to look into the mirror and thank yourself for all the days you had to step out of your comfort zones to courageously face new challenges. Thank yourself for speaking up and changing a life – a sister, daughter, mother, friend or a stranger. Thank yourself for trying exhaustively hard each day, for not losing your patience and for putting up with unpardonable situations or people. Thank yourself for being you.

Believe it or not, we still have a long way to go. Yes, there is a transformational nip in the air. Few women have been given the freedom and liberty they rightly deserve. But the numbers are countable and heartrending. As Michelle Obama said, “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” If we look at the progress already made – a storm is definitely brewing. The day is not far when the transformation is going to explode every nook and corner of this globe.

“I believe absolutely in my own free will and my own power to accomplish and that is the belief that moves mountains. ” – Jean Webster. Today, women are more daring and accomplishing things that you couldn’t have imagined years ago. They are feeling empowered to embrace their idiosyncrasies, pursue exceptional careers, live/travel independently and exist on their own terms.

The first observance of a Women’s Day was held on February 28, 1909 in New York, March 8 was suggested by the 1910 International Women’s Conference to become an “International Women’s Day.”  March 8 is a day to celebrate our achievements of all that we have conquered over the years and look forward to yet another ambitious year of conquests and triumphs.

Lastly, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to men who believe in equality, understand the true significance of feminism and support our revolutionary endeavors.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Zipping in and out of Marathahalli: rented bikes make daily commute stress-free

    Bike on rent in marathahalli      

Every picture, living being, and the place has a story to tell. We love the ‘charisma and magic’ of historical places. The truth is that every nook and corner of our city Bengaluru has the most alluring and mysterious past/history. It is mysterious because there are countless beliefs but we really don’t know the truth. One such place is Marathahalli. Let’s start with the name.

The name Marathahalli is derived from the Sanskrit work ‘Maruti’. Maruti in Kannada means Lord Hanuman and Halli means ‘village’. According to a few sources online, people believe that a fighter aircraft by name “Marut” crashed on this very ground hence got its name as Marathahalli. However, a few others reveal that this area got its name from a fighter aircraft named Marut that was designed and assembled in HAL.

We have some sources showcasing that during Tipu Sultan’s rule Marathas were settled here and that is how this area got the name. Yet another story is that the sector was named after the initiation of St. Martha Hospital.

As per some sources, this place used to be quite sluggish and inactive in its historic days. Agriculture was their core profession and villagers living in this area were extensively into poultry and rearing cattle. There were mud roads with huts spread all across the territory. The villagers here were all quite superstitious and were ardent devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Soon this peaceful, sluggish and sleepy village was stirred by newer developments.

Years ago, Marathahalli started being ruled by a new era. Today, it is no longer inactive or slow moving. This area is perceived to be one of the most fascinating localities in Bangalore.  In the last few years it has transformed into a real estate hub. It is also well connected to the IT zones in Whitefield and Electronic City, residential markets in Sarjapur road and Outer Ring road. There are several reputed schools and colleges in Marathahalli like Ravindra Bharathi Global Schools, H.A.L. Gnanajyoti School, Hindustan Aviation Academy, Dr. Shyamala Reddy Dental Hospital, Research Centre and MVJ College of Education etc.

Marathahalli is also the address to star hotels, budget hotels, serviced apartments, guesthouses and restaurants. Park Plaza, Hotel Dolphin, 24 Tech Hotel, Stamford Residency, etc. There are service apartments like he Sherwood Suites, Nagarjuna Suites etc. We even have the popular restaurants located here such as the Absolute Barbecues, Holy Flames, Jalsa, The Square – Novotel, etc. This sector is also known for its nightlife and is thus fenced by bars, pubs and lounges like Purple Haze, Callista Bar & Restaurant, Jimi’s Beer Cafe, Chiller’s Nation, Sherlock’s Pub, etc.

The area is also enclosed by countless retail stores consisting of both national and international brands like Sony, Baby Mart, Max, Levi’s, W for Women, Megamart, Wood World, Lifestyle International, etc. It even has popular multiplexes and hospitals – Innovative Multiplex, Srivinayaka Theatre, Fortis Hospital, Sakra World Hospital, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, etc.

Where there once was peace, now there is chaos. Marathahalli, one of the appealing localities today is also one of the most crowded areas in Bangalore. These developments have critically affected the traffic condition. All you witness in this area is the insane turmoil and congested roads. Transportation has also undergone a ‘negative’ change with cabs and autos charging higher fares due to the choked up roads and time-consuming travel.

According to a news article on The New Indian Express, “Gautam Sahu, an employee with a software giant on Belandur Road, came down from Mumbai and found a place to stay at Marathahalli. “For a long time, I thought this was what Bangalore was all about — terrible traffic deadlocks. Even now, the only thing I like about Marathahalli are the shopping complexes,” he says.” – The New Indian Express, July 2009

In 2014, there was an article in Bangalore Mirror about how our auto heroes in that area specifically don’t go via meter. According to Manjunath, the informative auto driver, “Marathahalli is a village. In the city, everyone will go by the meter. But not here.”  The auto rickshaws still consider Marathahalli a village, at least in name, and hence they charge exorbitantly.

This was around 3 years ago. We all are well aware of the situation today. Nothing has really changed; it is still the same – maybe even worse. Though Marathahalli is an industrialized area with a pleasing locality, it is currently being defined by chaos and turmoil. The ride to and fro this area is jerky, time-consuming, expensive and dreadfully nerve-racking. The neighborhood offers endless alternatives when it comes to food, multiplexes or lounges. This is why you will find Marathahalli crowded and clogged on all days including weekends.

Maneuvering around sectors like Marathahalli gets easier and less taxing if you get two-wheelers for rent. It is not expensive or laborious. A bike on rent will allow you to handle the most sticky road scenarios with ease and get you out of the chaotic roads in a lesser span of time. Monthly bike rental is an innovative and unbelievably great concept. Connect with Ontrack executives to get your two-wheelers on rent today!

Here is why riding a rented two-wheeler in Electronic City is a smart decision

electronic city

The concept of Electronic City was initiated and developed by R. K. Baliga, the first Chairman and Managing Director of Keonics. His purpose was to make Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India and that’s how Electronic City came into existence. In 1978, Keonics established Electronic City on 332 acres of land in Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages. Today, Electronic City is an outsourcing capital of the world.

Electronic City is located in South Bangalore on NH-7. It is the biggest industrial park in Bangalore spread over 800 acres has 3 phases – Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. The whole area has been divided as Electronic city East and Electronic city West. With the growth of IT industry, this area has seen huge developments in the last few years. Today it is an IT hub with a home to innumerable MNC’s such as Infosys, TCS, BHEL, and Wipro et al dominating the sector. As per online research, there are over 300 companies and a workforce of around 1,00,000. There are several educational institutions and renowned hospitals that have come up in this sector. Many reputed builders have constructed residential buildings in the past few years. This zone still continues to grow.

Electronic City is surrounded by all the amenities and conveniences like departmental stores – Nilgiris/Hypermarket, prominent shopping brands and malls like Gem Arcade and MMR shopping complex, food chains like Barbeque Nation, banks, multi-specialty clinics and even fast food outlets like KFC, Dominos etc.

These changes and expansions have made EC very popular. People have become quite interested in buying flats in this region. However, though these advances have been great for Bangalore, over the last few years EC has become immensely crowded and anarchic. The roads have become extremely choked with people zipping in and out in countless transports throughout the day. There are many transport alternatives available today and the roads in EC seem to be getting more and more clogged/polluted every day. As per an article online, even with newer modern and cleaner inventions of vehicle/fuel, we are at a loss as the number of automobiles is increasing at a dramatic level.

Electronic City is crammed most of the time during the day. Both weekdays/weekends is jam-packed with people swarming in and out of work, malls, and restaurants. Even shorter commutes can take ages and is quite tiring. People, in fact, have to think twice before venturing out into the urban jungle. Taking cabs or autos around electronic city comes with heavy costs due to traffic. It gets worse on rainy days. In an interview with The News Minute, a resident living in the area says, “To reach this place one has to take the road to hell and when it rains one can also opt to swim. During heavy rains, the area gets flooded and it just turns into a pond for close to 24 hours,” Imagine the entire road of EC being cramped up for hours with auto rickshaws, cars and buses desperately honking at each other trying to escape the manic situation. However, each day we find everyone braving through it, hoping to come out alive.

Commuters are constantly trying to tap into solutions to make their day-to-day travel simpler and somewhat calmer. Riding two-wheelers on rent every day to work around areas like Electronic City is one of the best options that can be added to the huge laundry list of things can be done for a smoother commute. Daily travelers find it easier to take their two-wheelers instead of cars. According to research/surveys online, many households have both cars and two-wheelers. They rarely take their cars out– its expensive, time consuming and parking is tough. Two-wheelers are way easier to maneuver around, park and pocket-friendly. However, purchasing a two-wheeler can be a costly affair.

A bill was passed in 1997 to permit the launch of bike rentals. Today, the option to get two-wheelers for rent is the new trend and a more economical model to drive around on a regular basis. It’s affordable and a very effective mode of traveling through excessively clogged roads… After all, the movement on congested roads is all about controlled speed.

Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company, is working towards delivering an economical transport model for daily commuters. They provide two-wheelers for rent in Bangalore and Scooty on rent in Bangalore at an affordable rate to make their journey efficient and way more constructive. Talk to one of our executives to know more about our bike rental services.

Riding with pillion – YES there are rules

bike rental

If motorcycle is how you travel to work everyday then being a skilled rider is a must for you. Mastering balance and control is needed to ride efficiently in congested/crowded areas. You need to be even more skilled if you are traveling with a passenger.

As an experienced rider, you need to do your bit to assure that passenger is comfortable and secured. After all, the pillion is entrusting you and your riding skills with his/her safety. Firstly, check that you have the ‘right’ bike, which can take the weight of pillion. You can adjust the preload on the rear shock absorber to make up for the extra passenger weight. Check the bike manual online of your two-wheelers for rent to understand the correct tyre pressure. Yank out the footrest for your passenger. Now that you have a pillion at the back, you might need to fine-tune the mirror to ensure it is not out of line. Always always always park the bike without them.

There are no training sessions for pillion but there are these golden rules that should be adhered to for a safe ride. You must make your passenger aware of this set of guidelines before you take him/her along for a bike ride.

Preliminary rules: mounting/dismounting the bike

Pillion should never get on and off the bike before confirming with the rider. The rider has to be on the bike and in a steady position with both feet rooted to the ground balancing the bike. Only once he/she is in full control of the bike is when the passenger must mount or dismount it.

It’s important to know how to get on the bike. The passenger should always get on from the left-hand side swinging the right leg over the bike and onto the footrest. Once the left leg is up as well, make sure both feet are on the respective footrests and he or she is comfortably seated.

Communication: use customized signals

‘While my friend was riding a bike, I had to literally scream my lungs out to get his attention.” – Not only was I doing the wrong thing but it was also very confusing and unsafe for both the rider and me.

The right way is to use customized signals such as 3 taps on shoulder to get the rider to stop the bike or 2 taps on the side of the shoulder that they want the rider to look. Talking excitedly and nonchalantly about a movie you guys just watched together can wait till the bike ride is over. The rider always needs to be alert and attentive to what is going on around him or her. While riding communication at most times should be thus restricted to urgent or emergency messages.

A strong grip on the rails or rider

During the ride, they should always hold on tightly to the rider and not just the rider’s jacket or clothes. They should either clutch on to the rails behind them (if your bike has it) or hold the rider. This will ensure that pillion doesn’t slam into you during braking or stopping. It can also make them scared when you accelerate, as they will feel like they are about to slip off. A scared pillion is not a good option especially on long journeys or driving through congested roads.

The must-follow prerequisites

Similar to a rider, passenger should wear necessary gears during the ride. The helmet is a must along with a jacket. They deserve the same kind of protection as you do.

The pillion is being driven and has no ‘specific’ responsibility as such. However, it is advisable to not use their phone or keep their hands occupied with phone etc. As mentioned above, they must always keep their hands free to hold on to the rider.

Familiarity with the various riding styles

The styles such as cornering, turning or braking should be made familiar to pillion. Leave no surprises there.

The pillion should not flung himself/herself on your back whenever you use the brakes. To avoid this he or she should be alert, aware and anticipate these actions. Being alert and holding on to the rail or the rider at all times will help in avoiding ‘jerky’ movements and keep the pillion in place.

Riding with pillion can be a lot of fun – as long as these rules are adhered to. Whether you are going for long journeys or to work teaming up and riding together can make your everyday commute more enjoyable on your first bike on rent. Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company, provides two wheelers for rent on a monthly basis. Connect with us to know more about our bike hire services.  

Road Trip Diaries: 10 incredible bike-riding excursions every rider must take

Map Location Direction Location Remote Relax Concept

Road Trips on a motorcycle can be brilliantly summed up in 3 exquisite quotes:

‘The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle.” – Lucinda Williams

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.” – Stacy Westfall

“On a bike no one ever asks, “Are we there yet?” – Stacy Westfall

Road Trip – these two words can bring a sense of ‘exhilaration’ and ‘fiery enthusiasm’ for a bike rider. Bike riding through long stretches of terrain can be an explorative journey and one of the best means to unleash the daringly warrior side. India, the land of culture and adventure, has a lot to offer to those who want to seek. Road trips (on bikes) give you a chance to ‘intimately’ discover a place’s beauty, deep dive into the remote spaces, the scenic views, culture, the traditional art forms, and food – you cannot get any closer to it all.

Bike road trips are a life-changing journey as it provides a transporting experience to the rider. Nothing can bring you closest to nature or make you feel the thrill of speed and tranquility of nature at the same time. These cocktail of emotions can set a passionate rider on a self-discovery voyage. As Stacy Westfall says, it is a journey not a destination that ultimately leads to ‘finding yourself’. The experiences that one gathers in the nooks and corners of India are completely incomparable.

Here is a bucket list that every fervently enthusiastic bike rider may have already covered or desperately on the journey to tick off. There is so much a road trip has to offer that is tremendously challenging to express in words. However, let me give you a snippet of what you should expect in each of these tours.

Leh Ladakh – Manali

ladakh-2300904_1920 (1)

This place has been a dream destination for impassioned bike riders all across the country. The trail is considered to be one of the most difficult yet the most rewarding ones to cover. The weather here is rough and there is the constant danger of landslides. But you come across the most unbelievably gorgeous lakes, the high mountain passes and even Buddhist monasteries. You will get to cross the beautiful valleys in Manali and even touch the exquisitely divine peak in Leh.

Spiti Valley – Shimla


Like Ladakh, this challenging trail will leave you breathless but only by its beauty. If you go via Kibber, Kaza, Tabo, Spiti and Pin valley, you will be covering the most attractively appealing remote places. In Baspa and Kinnaur you will come closest to the wonders and miracles of nature with apricot, apple orchards, Satluj river views, snow capped monasteries. The journey itself is a thrilling experience and once you reach this magnificently splendid valley you will find yourself surrounded by shrines, orchards, and even a resting place. It’s a ride that offers you constant thrills and ultimately an invigorating experience.

Kannur – Bangalore


This one is a long route however one of those amazing bike rides that must cross off the bucket list. You will be crossing Nagarhole, Tholpatty and then even pass by Kuthuparamba from Manandvady. You will be crossing several lakes and cliffs as you journey through this exhilarating trail. You can make your regular stops to enjoy the finger-licking local food. If you are indeed a passionate rider, do not miss out on Kannur. You don’t know what you might end up discovering!

Tawang – Arunachal Pradesh


What you must to do here is wrap yourself around the ‘ tribal culture’ that this journey offers. It is one of the most marvellous snowy trails in winters and there is so much in store of you throughout this voyage. Of course, again the route is a Herculean one with its rough roads and landslides. But once you pass through the waterfalls, mountain streams, terraced paddy fields, alpine forests, small human settlements – it will make up for the ‘toughness’ of this tour.

Valparai to Vazhachal forest – Kerela


You can go on this road trip any time of the year. Though, if you really want to dive into the beauty of this route, experience this ride during the monsoons. From Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerela, it is significantly covered with evergreen forests, fine tropical forests and cloud. You will even come across splendid waterfalls, several dams and reservoirs. The most allruing part of this trip is wildlife sightings – since both Anaimalai tiger reserve or the Vazhachal forest reserve are connected to this route.

East Khasi Hills – Shillong


The challenges you can face on this trail is the extremely wet and damp roads that could make your bike ride quite eventful. However, the extraordinary bike ride experience compensates for the pitfalls and hours it may take to reach the destination. You will stumble upon many captivating waterfalls and bridges in Nongriat. Unravel this trip on your motorcycle to experience one of the most wonderful stretches in our country.

East Coast Highway – Tamil Nadu


One of the most exceptional bike rides that can bring immense delight and a voyage full of eclectic experiences. Unlike others, this isn’t one of those heavenly scenic routes. However, this tour will bring you face to face with a vibrant mix of diversity, colours, flavours that is bound to capture your imagination. At Pulicat Lake, you will get to see the migratory flamingos that will certainly brighten up your day. You will also come across Sea shore temple at Mahabalipuram, Nataraja temple at Chidambaram and the Adam’s bridge at Rameshwaram.

Jaisalmer – Jaipur


A place with a rich culture and Rajputana architecture – you don’t want to miss out on this one. You will get a peek into how people with the most colorful turbans live without modern amenities and taste the local cuisines in rural settlements. The ride is not as tough as the demanding ones of Ladakh or Spiti Valley. So if you have already conquered those you will sail through this one. The only challenge you will encounter on this road trip is when you are crossing the desert. What you must positively look out for in this trip is the landscape that showcases a blend of brown and green hues.

Darjeeling – Sikkim


Scenic isn’t going to be enough to describe this route. No matter what I say, nothing will justify the lush green mountains and waterfalls that add to the charm of this breathtakingly fanciful destination. To get the most out of this tour, ensure you go during the monsoons. What will make this journey even more gratifying is the view of Kanchenjunga, humane humanity residing, Buddhist monasteries and fine hill culture.

Kutch – Ahmedabad


Gujarat, another culturally rich city, is going to be full of unexpected and surreal wonders. A bike ride to Kutch can be exhilaratingly liberating. From watching the mesmerizing full moon at the great Rann of Kutch to a night stay in the mud houses called Bhunga – get to witness and experience a bucketful of diverse moments. You can also wander aimlessly around the Kutch grounds and be a scintillating spectator to both white salt desert and salt marsh.

A travel bucket list is never-ending. For those of you who are willing to ‘see’ and seek’, there is a whole lot of majestic richness in store even in the tiniest of places. You get to uncover so many unknown, unidentified, unspecified dwellings.

Here’s an (unasked for) advice that I am sure you will appreciate: Don’t be scared to lose your way – it’s only after you get lost is when you unearth the most exceptionally magnificent experiences and stories. There is always a better way waiting for you and that becomes your story and your transformative journey. Feel free to share with us a fragment of your transformative motorcycle journey.

Your road trips become easier when you take two wheelers for rent on these explorative and transformative tours. Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company in Bangalore and Hyderabad, can provide bikes for rent on a monthly basis. Take your bikes to work on weekdays and to explore on weekends! Connect with us to know more about our bike hire services.

The art of commuting when wedged in city traffic

bike rental in bangalore

Let me take you through one of those bizarre mornings in India (if only they were rare) when traffic is just unbearable.  This is what typical explosive-traffic morning patterns look/feel like. You sitting on your two-wheeler that you have recently taken on rent – around you there are innumerable vehicles caught up in traffic (crowd-suffocating you), people trying to cross roads even when the traffic signal is green (oh you are on your way to getting a heart disease now), autos trying to overtake the hulking cars and buses – amongst all this your almost ‘non-existent’ bike trying to wade through the traffic jungle.

A dreadful scene isn’t it? Imagine having this nightmare every single workday. Not a great feeling at all. But these are the cold realities of today’s traffic pattern. You almost start to believe that the crossing lines on roads are invisible.

Here is what I think – everyone has invented the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter and they drape it on themselves before heading out in the mornings. But the irony is they are riding with the two-way invisibility cloak on. They can’t see where they are going and of course others can’t see them as well.

Well, the truth is that riding through choked roads is like playing a video game. The kind of awareness and reaction skills you need is almost the same. To think you should get a bravery award for it. No honestly, it isn’t that intimidating. It is as exciting and fun as a video game, however, this one is the real thing. You know how in a video game you and your vehicle magically recover after a crash – in the real game you go to heaven. Yes, I believe every human deserves to go to heaven –but not if you stole a chocolate from that innocent kid’s bag.

Getting back to reality now – heaven needs to wait.  I have a few smart strategies that you should adhere to. It will make your day-to-day city travel easy, smooth and safe.

 #Practice, Observation, Discipline, Relax

Every rider, experienced or a newcomer, has to be prepared for trying out various techniques in different congestion environments. Every day is another day in life of a daily city commuter. The fundamentals of city riding for every rider are practice, observation, and discipline.

Practice makes you ‘almost’ faultless – so the more you ride around the city the easier it becomes to maneuver the bike and master the techniques. In a way you also know what to expect on a chaotic street.

  • Heightened awareness – you need to be observant and have clarity on what is going on around you. This will give you a prior intimation of what other vehicles or pedestrians might do.
  • Discipline – Unless you get on your bike with a death wish, my advice is stick to the rules and disciplines while riding.

The most important – Relax! Do not get caught up in the excitement and chaos around you. Also, don’t forget to learn you work route – believe you me riding becomes way simpler when you are not trying to calculate which lane to take.

 #Do NOT keep your invisibility cloak on

Again, neither are you Harry Potter with magical powers (we can only wish) and nor are you in this scenic place like Hogwarts (again, keep wishing). We live in a city jungle where you need to be visible and alert. You have to be seen and heard. One thing to take care of is not riding adjacent to cars. Always try riding in the front line of vision of the vehicles and drivers around/behind you. Wearing bright clothes instead of darker ones can make you ‘scientifically’ visible.

 # Save the ‘nonchalant’ mode for open/empty roads

As a city rider, one core quality you need to embrace is constant vigilance. Not only on what is in front of you but lets say 180 degrees. Your head needs to be rotating every few minutes to scan everything – from the auto desperately trying to overtake so that he doesn’t miss the green signal to a pedestrian with kids crossing the road. Always remember – riding in the city and riding away on empty roads are two very different games. Not that on empty roads you can ride blindly – vehicles have a way of creeping up on us. Awareness is key for all kinds of riders.

 # Keep cracking the escape route strategy

Every biker needs to have an escape strategy and it needs to be updated minute by minute. Accidents don’t take a second to happen – before you know it you find yourself lunged away in some corner. That’s why it’s important for bikers to have the escape lanes and routes planned every minute to avoid any sudden impacts.

 # Be aware of the appalling road conditions

The road conditions in India are one of the major concerns for a daily traveler. It is even more of a problem for a bike rider as the bikes have lesser contact with the pavements. It becomes very easy for the motorcycle to slip because of stones, pebbles etc. Riders need to be aware of the potholes, cracks, bumps and other unsafe conditions. They need to keep a check and slow down whenever it comes in their way to avoid major jerks and crashes.

Let me take you through one of those bizarre mornings in India (if only they were rare) when traffic is just unbearable.  This is what a typical explosive-traffic morning patterns look/feel like. You sitting on your two wheeler that you have recently taken on rent – around you there are innumerable vehicles caught up in traffic (crowd-suffocating you), people trying to cross roads even when the traffic signal is green (oh you are on your way to getting a heart disease now), autos trying to overtake the hulking cars and buses – amongst all this your almost ‘non-existent’ bike trying to wade through the traffic jungle.   A dreadful scene isn’t it? Imagine having this nightmare every single workday. Not a great feeling at all. But these are the cold realities of today’s traffic pattern. You almost start to believe that the crossing lines on roads are invisible.     Here is what I think – everyone has invented the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter and they drape it on themselves before heading out in the mornings. But the irony is they are riding with the two-way invisibility cloak on. They can’t see where they are going and of course others can’t see them as well.   Well the truth is that riding through choked roads is like playing a video game. The kind of awareness and reaction skills you need is almost the same. To think you should get a bravery award for it. No honestly, it isn’t that intimidating. It is as exciting and fun as a video game however this one is the real thing. You know how in a video game you and your vehicle magically recover after a crash – in the real game you go to heaven. Yes, I believe every human deserves to go to heaven –but not if you stole a chocolate from that innocent kid’s bag.   Getting back to reality now – heaven needs to wait.  I have a few smart strategies that you should adhere to. It will make your day-to-day city travel easy, smooth and safe.    #Practice, Observation, Discipline, Relax  Every rider, experienced or a newcomer, has to be prepared for trying out various techniques in different congestion environments. Every day is another day in life of a daily city commuter. The fundamentals of city riding for every rider are practice, observation, and discipline.   -	Practice makes you ‘almost’ faultless – so the more you ride around the city the easier it becomes to maneuver the bike and master the techniques. In a way you also know what to expect on a chaotic street.  -	Heightened awareness – you need to be observant and have clarity on what is going on around you. This will give you a prior intimation of what other vehicles or pedestrians might do.  -	Discipline – Unless you get on your bike with a death wish, my advice is stick to the rules and disciplines while riding.   The most important – Relax! Do not get caught up in the excitement and chaos around you. Also, don’t forget to learn you work route – believe you me riding becomes way simpler when you are not trying to calculate which lane to take.    #Do NOT keep your invisibility cloak on   Again, neither are you Harry Potter with magical powers (we can only wish) and nor are you in this scenic place like Hogwarts (again, keep wishing). We live in a city jungle where you need to be visible and alert. You have to be seen and heard. One thing to take care of is not riding adjacent to cars. Always try riding in the front line of vision of the vehicles and drivers around/behind you. Wearing bright clothes instead of darker ones can make you ‘scientifically’ visible.    # Save the ‘nonchalant’ mode for open/empty roads  As a city rider, one core quality you need to embrace is constant vigilance. Not only on what is in front of you but lets say 180 degrees. Your head needs to be rotating every few minutes to scan everything – from the auto desperately trying to overtake so that he doesn’t miss the green signal to a pedestrian with kids crossing the road. Always remember – riding in the city and riding away on empty roads are two very different games. Not that on empty roads you can ride blindly – vehicles have a way of creeping up on us. Awareness is key for all kinds of riders.    # Keep cracking the escape route strategy Every biker needs to have an escape strategy and it needs to be updated minute by minute. Accidents don’t take a second to happen – before you know it you find yourself lunged away in some corner. That’s why it’s important for bikers to have the escape lanes and routes planned every minute to avoid any sudden impacts.    # Be aware of the appalling road conditions  The road conditions in India are one of the major concerns for a daily traveler. It is even more of a problem for a bike rider as the bikes have lesser contact with the pavements. It becomes very easy for the motorcycle to slip because of stones, pebbles etc. Riders need to be aware of the potholes, cracks, bumps and other unsafe conditions. They need to keep a check and slow down whenever it comes in their way to avoid major jerks and crashes.

# Distance yourself

This thumb rule applies to all vehicles but is crucial for a bike rider. In case of accidents or any kind of a clash with cars/buses a bike will always lose. So, always keep a distance from the drivers in front of you. This will enable you to avoid any sudden collisions and give you enough space to make your next or immediate move.

 # The tricky left turn

Taking left turns can be quite dangerous for a bike rider. It cannot be done without thinking and vigilance. The discipline to follow is – keep the high beam on and use the horn a few times to let others know that you are taking a left turn. No matter how visible you think you are, amongst the sea of vehicles in front and back you are kind of non-existent.

So this is it. Make sure you are alert, be aware of the impending hazards, take your bike out regularly to gain ‘greater’ riding skills and be in total awareness of what is going on around you. Once you have mastered these, upgrade your two-wheelers on rent. Get in touch with Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company. We will assist you to rent a bike that can take your riding experience to the next level.

The must-have bike accessories: gear up for your next ride


The ever-increasing population in India has made it really tough for city commuters to maneuver around. In the last few years, we have noticed a drastic shift in the modes of transportation used by daily travelers. Several riders have started migrating to two-wheelers on rent. Other modes of transport are time-consuming and costly. Two-wheeler saves them from the never-ending urban assault.

The motorcycle is a brilliant way to reach your destination in no time at the most minimum cost. Riding to work or to run errands on a regular basis is surely a very thrilling experience as it adds fun to a tedious workday. However, it is necessary to ensure that all safety measures are taken and your ride is as comfortable as possible.

Accessorizing yourself and the bike is imperative to enhance your riding experience and protect yourself from all the threat that comes with riding a motorcycle. If you are on a tight budget or don’t really have a lot of money to spend you can still purchase these accessories at a sensibly reasonable cost. It is a great investment as you can use them for a long period of time.

So, whether you have already acquired two-wheelers on rent or planning to in the near future here are a few must-have accessories for your bike.

#Riding gear is not optional

Riding gear is always first on the list. It is the basic requirement for every rider. It doesn’t matter how often you use your two-wheeler – riding gear is must. The gear package makes you your own ‘knight in shining armour’.

These are the 3 gears you must get before you start riding a bike

Helmet: There are a plethora of things you can get but the first one to check off the list is a helmet. Ontrack already provides you with a very basic helmet with every two-wheeler for rent however if you want a different one with more features or functionalities you can always purchase the same from a relevant store.

Riding gloves: What you really need to purchase is safety gloves that can protect your fingers and knuckles incase of any accident. Gloves are also very comfortable when you are maneuvering your bike around – it aids in attaining a strong grip on the handlebars.

Jacket: A rider should always dress in layers. One of those ‘outer’ layers should include a protective jacket. Getting a jacket is essential for every rider in India. It is a shield that protects the body against any major injuries incase of a fall or crash.

Riding everyday to work in varying weather conditions can be physically challenging. To avoid falling sick, getting rain suits or windshields is a ‘healthy’ idea. The other gear that you can look into is boots, ear plugs etc. But whether you get these or not, don’t compromise on helmet, gloves and a jacket. Remember: gear before anything else.

#Multi tool kit is your saviour

Riding a bike comes with its own challenges. There may be times when your bike won’t start in the middle of nowhere and might need a quick fix. It is impractical to lug all the necessary tools around. This is where the multi tool kit can be extremely useful and rescue you from most of the sore situations. The good thing about this kit is that it is compact and comes with the most basic tools like socket driver, screwdrivers, open-ended wrenches, spoke wrenches etc.

#Disc locks can make the bandit surrender

My advice would be – don’t skimp on this one. If you take your bike to work, it is likely that you leave your bike unattended for hours at a stretch leaving a great opportunity for the burglars. Disc lock is not explosively expensive and is worth every little penny you spend. It can discourage the thug and he can make his day by stealing a bike with no disc locks.

#Bike cover – the ‘all-rounder’ protector

Work takes up most of our day leaving us with little time to take the much-needed care of our bikes. Though, bike maintenance is done at regular intervals it is also important to ensure that the bike is protected from dust, water, direct sunlight, cats, dogs, random people looking for a place to sit and even those unforeseen surprises like bird droppings. This way you don’t have to chalk out time for that ‘extra’ care. Here’s an important advice: Do not cover a hot bike.

#Mobile: the accouterments

You can take your time with this one. It is not a very critical or for that matter a mandatory investment. Mobile accessories make a lot of sense for bike riders who use their phone for GPS. Getting a mobile phone mount gives them a clear and direct access to the mobile screen. Accessing GPS on your phone can drain out the battery very quickly. You don’t want your phone battery to give up on you before reaching the destination. So getting a charger for your motorcycle can be a very useful deal.

Once you have taken the two-wheeler on rent – make sure to start checking these accessories off the list. Again, remember riding gear before everything else. If you are yet to rent a bike, get in touch with Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company. We will be happy to assist you to acquire a two-wheeler for rent that is perfect for you.

An everyday travel guide for a new bike rider

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The traffic condition in India has reached a severely unbearable level. No matter which city or road, traveling during the peak hours is becoming tougher day by day. The traffic hours today covers a larger hourly bracket leaving almost no time in the day when the roads are free. Owing to this situation, we have seen a growth of first time and inexperienced two-wheeler riders and in the last couple of years several people have adopted monthly bike rentals.

Learning how to ride a bike and having a driver’s license is not enough. Don’t get me wrong. Once you have learnt how to ride a bike, it’s very easy to maneuver around. However, if you are not exceedingly experienced, these few guidelines will help you to be safe and drive freely without any uncertainties or apprehensions.

The fact is that a bike does not offer that basic and ‘structural’ protection which a car or even a bus does. Again, this is one of the fundamental factors that makes a motorbike interesting and gives a feeling of ‘being free’. But, the big but, to ensure safety for you and for those around you– embracing these parameters will be significantly valuable.

First and foremost, ensure you get  proper training

Before you even think of renting a bike, ensure that as an inexperienced rider you get enough and more practice. Riding is an easy task but it does require you to gain some good experience to get acquainted with and master all the features and functions such as braking, stopping, parking et al. Acquiring the required riding experience and becoming completely comfortable on the two-wheeler will ensure that you move a step ahead and focus on all the safety measures needed.

Keep the gears geared up!

Accessorizing yourself with the right gear is crucial for a bike rider. This means that you must wear all the appropriate safety gears that is necessary to keep you protected – from dressing in layers to wearing a superior quality full-face helmet. The clothes you wear really matters – you need to be very comfortable when riding a bike. A few other gear options that you can look into are riding gloves, motorcycle jacket and a good pair of tough shoes.

In the initial bike riding phases, go slow

Trust me, there will come a time when you will be able to ride like the wind. However, it is very unsafe for amateur riders to try stunts or ride at high speed. You need to go slow and be aware of where you are heading and even what is heading towards you. Going slow will keep you calm and enable you to handle all the ‘sticky’ road situations more easily.

If your bike has a choke, keep it turned off

Though, choke is quite useful to start up the motorbike when it is cold. Nonetheless, if you have the choke on for a longer duration your bike will tend to devour more gas or oil. So, the best thing to do in this case is to ensure that the choke is always switched off.

Pre-inspect your bike before you ride away

When we think or talk about ‘freedom’, all we want to do is get on our bikes and just ‘journey’ away. Many inexperienced riders still do the same. They are in a hurry to reach office or kick-start their adventure trips, forget to pre-inspect their bikes. Most of the bikes are usually chain/belt/shaft powered thus before you get on check if the connectors are placed properly and is unbroken. Make sure you check the fuel gauge and the fuel valve lock so you don’t get stuck midway to your destination. It’s true that we go down to the basics but there will come a time when the pre-inspection becomes robotic in nature. Initially, making this a regular practice will allow you to enjoy your everyday ride even more and keep you safe.

Bike rental

Don’t forget bike maintenance at regular intervals

Bikes need to be maintained quite regularly. It should be one of the key pointers on your agenda. This is more of an important follow up to your pre-inspections. So if during the scrutiny you find that your bike tires need to be properly inflated so that the air pressure is just right – you can get that done on your way to work. Ensure that all the lights including indicators, tail lamp and headlights work. It is even necessary to check that the cables in the throttle and brake levers are in perfect order. This and many more – you can always get a proper maintenance manual or checklist online to ensure that you have an exhaustive checklist for bike maintenance.

Once you have ticked these off on your checklist – you are good to go. With some practice and a proper license you can go ahead and get your first rented bike from bike rentals. Ontrack, a leading monthly bike rental company, brings you a wide range of two wheelers for rent. Connect with us to know more about our bike hire services!

Why bike on rent is the best choice for city commuters?


Bike rental

Urbanization has changed us in many ways. It has yielded many positive outcomes however it has negatively impacted our day-to-day travel in a big way. I could give you the statistical data but honestly, you don’t need one. Your pair of eyes and personal experiences is enough to validate the traffic conditions and exorbitant modes of transportation in most of the cities in India.

Let me elaborate a wee bit more on this. Uber with its automatic and digitized surge/high-demand peak hour charges alongside our local auto/taxi heroes with their manual ‘every second’ extra charge – we are in for a never-ending personal bankruptcy. The everyday journey from home to work has become extremely painful and at times insufferable.

Thus, to save us from the urban onslaught and for many other significant reasons, motorcycle seems to be one of the best choices for daily city commuting. So, here is why you should not miss out on this opportunity to adopt bike rentals.

#Economical and time saving – quick and reasonable

There are several options when it comes to transportation – metro, bus, taxi, Uber, autos, bicycle, bikes. They all come with their pros and cons. Today’s horrific traffic condition really doesn’t leave any suffering soul with an easier option. This is even more dramatically exhausting if your work is more than 5 km away. Either the transport option is very time consuming or comes with explosive fares.

This is where, amongst all the choices, renting out a bike is definitely more economical and time-saving. You don’t need to pay the digitized or manual ‘extra surge’ charges and you don’t need to waste time waiting for Uber or autos or even buses. You become the master of time.

#Surpasses the nasty weather conditions

Standing in the rain looking for the ecstatic auto guys (who can now outshine the Uber guys) or waiting for your cab driver to cross all ‘touchy’ puddles and undefeatable traffic to get to you. Not to forget you end up paying almost a 3-meal pocket money for this one ride. Which situation is more ideal? You rather call in sick or take a work from home. On days like these, we have almost always questioned ourselves – what is the point of even living? Yes, nightmarish traffic can have this ‘dramatic’ effect on us.

Bikes don’t let you down on rainy days – of course as long as you are wearing your protective waterproof suit. You can swim through the traffic and not only get to the office on time but also don’t even need to ‘surge charge’ yourself. It’s about time you start enjoying the rainy weather rather than question it.

#Meditative and definitely a healthier choice

When I say healthy, I don’t mean physically but ‘mentally’. Bike riding is perceived to be meditative by many. It involves a complete focus of mind and body on the activity. The mind is so engaged in riding that it doesn’t tend to wander. It kind of brings a softer tone of ‘mindfulness’, which is indeed good to keep one centered and prepared for a long workday. Researchers have beautifully displayed how the mind has a direct impact on our body. This decodes that riding is both mentally and physically a healthier route for us.

#It is ‘green’ in nature

Making an environmental point – bikes are a greener choice. It comes with the most minimal environmental costs in comparison to cars and even autos. The emissions are lower and it uses less fuel than cars. They take up less space on the road as well as for parking. Parking is a big factor for many reasons – driving around looking for a free spot can not only be time-consuming but you also end up wasting gas. Though it doesn’t impact the environment in an exuberant way, won’t harm us to be a bit compassionate towards our Mother Nature.

Bike Rental in Bengaluru

#Finally, freedom, fun, and adventure to a mind-numbingly monotonous workday

Whether you are a first-time rider or been for a while now, you must agree that riding is fun. For passionate bike riders, the common slogan is – it sets you free. Bike riding to work can spice up your day by adding the fun and adventurous elements. As you make your everyday journey from home to work and vice versa – it can add the much needed ‘thrill’ to your tedious and dreary workdays. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Bikes are indeed a great choice for city commuters. Not to forget, the rented ones are even greater. You don’t have to worry about making that huge investment to get these awesome benefits. You also own the flexibility of choosing a different option; after all it isn’t a long-term commitment but definitely a superb alternative.

Can’t wait to explore these mind-blowing benefits? Connect with Ontrack, a Monthly Bike Rental company. We offer a wide range of two wheelers for rent. For your next bike hire in Bangalore and Hyderabad call us and learn more about our bike rental services.

An epic road trip to Pondicherry

An epic road trip to Pondicherry

Road trips can be an extraordinarily exhilarating experience and what makes it even more exciting is traveling the distance on a bike you get via bike rentals in Bangalore.

Pondicherry, very tenderly known as Pondy, is one of the most relaxing and alluring destinations to cover, especially over a weekend. It is perceived to be an ideal place to enjoy the French aesthetics and the scenic Bay of Bengal. The travel from Bangalore to Pondicherry is approximately 311 kms. This is through Krishnagiri NH7 and Thiruvannamalai NH66. However, one can even take a longer route, that is around 375 kms, but a slightly more comfortable route through Vellore NH46 and Thindivanam NH66.

There are a few common modes of mounting this distance between Bengaluru to Pondy –  bus, car, train and if you love flying or have this undying ‘spending’ urge then flight also is a great option. However, one of the most exceptional and ‘one you will never regret’ choice is ‘motorcycle’. Riding around the city on a bike is definitely not the same as traveling long distances with it. When making a trip, the traffic scenes are way more scattered and riding for longer hours is not as terrifying. Sure, it can get a bit tiring but by planning the trip in the right way with enough breaks can make the journey worth every penny.

Taking the motorcycle for road trips is a different experience altogether. Ian Chadwick, blogger and an author amongst few other professions (really makes me wonder what I am doing with my life), talks about riding a bike in the most enigmatic ways. He writes, “In a world of virtual experiences, instant gratification, point-and-click interfaces, and automatic transmissions, riding is an anachronism. It gives us the pleasures of having to be awake and aware in our activities. Riding is not for the dull-witted.” In short, with humans losing their awareness to impatience and tireless living, riding provides a window to bringing back the much needed consciousness to life. Riding helps in forming a stronger connection with nature – breathing in the life, colours and fragrance. Piece by piece or in this case kilometer by kilometer to get to enjoy and capture every moment.

An epic road trip to Pondicherry1

Beauty is in the eye of a rider. Biking your way through kilometers from the point between Bangalore and Pondicherry can change the way you perceive things. You get to tap into the emotional pleasures of a different reality altogether, before you even reach the city. The journey to Pondy has quite a bit to offer and traveling via bike can ensure that you get to taste the maximum flavours. If riding via Krishnagiri, you can stop at Saravana Bhavan or Adayar Anand Bhavan for a meal and then proceed to either Vellore or Thiruvannamalai. Take Thiruvannamalai only if you feel like visiting the Ramana Maharishi Ashram and Arunachaleshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This town also has a lot of places to eat at so you won’t go hungry! Hence, getting to the city itself becomes an adventure when you take the bike. If going via Vellore, you can visit the very famous Golden Temple.

Pondicherry, once under colonial rule until 1954, has a variety to offer. It is one of the most set apart cities showcasing intense influences of the French culture. It has a few beautiful beaches in corners of the town, the mesmerizing heritage structures and if you feel connected to spirituality or religion in any way – you can visit the religious places as well.

The trip to Pondy on a motorcycle is the most affordable choice you can make. There’s enough and more to capture in this entire journey – the bike journey can make your 2-3 days trip more explorative, exciting and adventurous.

Before I forget, the two touristy places in Pondicherry that you definitely must cover are Aurobindo Ashram and the Auroville. People come from different parts of the world to visit the two – you must too. Whether you like to explore different kinds of food/delicacies or not – you must try the blend of cuisines that Pondy has to offer. If you want to tap a part of the French legacy, ride to Xtasi Pizza or you could even go for the authentic lip-smacking south indian food from masala dosa to Kadugu Yerra (vegetable curry), a delicious local delicacy. To burn out the calories and feel good about yourself, take part in the Pondy Cycle Tour or Wake up Pondy tour. You get to cycle around the city discovering and exploring the various facets of the city in the most unique ways. This gives you the chance to be a part of the sustainable tourism promotion and even get the ‘real’ feel of the city.

From hibernating on the beaches to becoming a glutton for two days trying variety of cuisines to cycling to studying or clicking the heritage structures – make the most of this vibrantly lovely place on your bike!

So what is stopping you from conquering this epic road trip? Rent your bike from Ontrack, monthly bike rentals company, and ride away to triumph adventure, exploration and a thrilling experience. We offer an expansive range of two wheelers on rent in Bangalore and Hyderabad. For your next bike hire connect with us and learn more about our bike rental services.

Go Goa Gone


It is everybody’s desire to visit Goa at least once in their lifetime. The first place to pop up in students’ mind if they have to go on a college trip is Goa or maybe we all want to go on a vacation like the bunch of friends in Dil Chahta Hai. Now imagine if you could actually enjoy the scenery en-route Goa. Yes, it is possible if you choose to ride all the way to Goa. Hear the vibrations of the engine, be a part of the bigger picture, be free of stress and anxiety and ride off.

Riding a bike can be one’s passion. It does more than just help a person in reaching the destination. Riding a bike can make you self-aware. It can help you find a new perception to things. It can be a catalyst to accept the reality. It can let you be with yourself and think. Bike riding is a tradition. Now what better place to go than Goa? Get a bike for rent and speed away!

Have you ever watched How to Train Your Dragon? Isn’t it just amazing how the Vikings connect to their dragons? Or have you watched Avatar? Do you not wish you had a pet beast that could take you places like the Na’vi? What if your bike is that beast that could take you to a place like Goa and change your life? That is right! Bike rides change lives.

Imagine riding through the Western Ghats and the coastal lines to reach the beautiful state. It is around 564 km away from Bangalore. However, if you choose to travel via Hassan, Mangalore, Udupi, Gokarna, Karwar and Margoa, the distance is 700 km but these 700 km are going to be beautiful. The places are scenic and can leave you mesmerized. You would wish the journey never ended.


You can stop by the Arabian sea and stare at the infinite waves for hours. There is no hurry or rush to get somewhere or do something. No deadlines to keep up with. No targets to achieve. No more boring routines, you are just a free bird. You could be one of those people who escaped from Villette in Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho. Riding a bike can help you remember who you are. It can remind you of wonderful things like passion. Riding is like meditation, just like how a dancer would feel like she is meditating while performing her dance.


There are some people who value the journey more than the destination. Some are of quite a different opinion. Like every inconclusive debate, this one about which being more important, the journey or the endpoint is inconclusive too. It totally depends on one’s perception. For those of you who believe that destination is more important, here is why Goa is the best place for a holiday.

The innumerable beaches in Goa are breathtaking. Ride all the way till one of the beaches. Be it Baga beach or Anjuna beach, all of them are beautiful. If you could go there, get drenched in the salty water, collect the shells, watch the starfish, enjoy the sunset and realize that the waves that hit you are from the Arabian Sea, you are making a memory worth bragging about.

Goa is a peaceful city that must be visited during November. Summer is just too hot and winter is simply too cold. The region is divided into two i.e. North Goa and South Goa. One amusing to know here is that the sand in the North Goa beaches is white whereas it is yellow in the South Goa beaches. Another interesting thing is that Goa is not all about the beaches. It is also about the waterfalls, the Casinos and the Cruises. If you are in the mood to have some fun and go crazy, get dressed and hit a Casino. Casinos are very popular at Goa. Another option is to take the cruise. They are light and fun. You can sing, dance or grab a pack of chips or sandwiches at the cruise. There is water surrounding you and the lights make it a nice place to hang out.

If you have been to Goa and not seen the Dudhsagar waterfall, you have not really been to Goa after all. As the name describes it all, when water drops from a height with great force, it looks white as milk. If you take a train, the tunnel is built inside the hill in such a way that the view looks beautiful. Are you thinking of Chennai Express? Well, the view really is unbelievable and inexplicable at the same time. It leaves you awestruck.

If you truly want to explore the city, here is what you need to do. Just get a bike for rent and roam the city. Notice the trees, enjoy the weather, observe the architecture of the houses, stop at a church, go to temples, thank the gods for your experience, buy some shell jewelry and just be. Take in the city as much as possible and let it become a part of you.

bike rental in Goa

It is intriguing, isn’t it? How different cities that we travel to become a part of us and how we can never be a part of them? Even if it is one’s hometown. Guess we are all a part of the city and the civilization’s life and not the other way around.

Goa is a coastal area and coastal areas call for seafood. The spicy fish curry and crispy fish fry with rice is to die for! If you plan to visit Goa in the Spring, do not forget to be a part of the Shigmo festival. This festival resembles a Brazilian carnival. It is a street festival with colors and lights where the folk men and women portray Goa’s culture on roads. The streets are also lined up with delicacies.

Are you confused if you should value the journey or the destination more now? We have a simple yet super effective solution to your problem. You can just walk into the nearest bike rental, rent a bike and ride away to Goa! That way, you will get to know the joy that thrives in you while you ride and experience the actual place. You will be a traveler and not a mere tourist.

Happy journey!

The Scotland of India




The very reason why people prefer two-wheeler over a car is because, when riding a bike, you feel like you are a part of the world. You are not just a mere viewer. Unlike a car, where the world is seen with a frame around it. It feels like watching TV. The only difference is that you are in a closed moving compartment. Bikes are amazing and on this note, let us rent a bike and travel to Coorg, the Scotland of India.

Coorg was termed as the Scotland of India during the British era because of the misty mountains and the cool weather. The place is simply breathtaking. It is so beautiful that you would not want to leave it. Every place that you travel to will become a part of you but Coorg will leave you dazzled. Do not be a tourist. Be a traveller and experience Coorg. The people, the culture, the food, the hills, the air, the weather, the soil, the waters, everything will mesmerize you and change you as a person for sure. Just imagine travelling to the place, being in the moment, thinking about anything and everything while you get there. It is like meditation!


Before going to any place, it is always recommended to research about the place thoroughly. Research gives you some direction as to what you can do when you reach the place. So read on to know what is in store at Kodagu. We have done all the research for you. All you need to do is walk in to the nearest bike rental, get a bike for rent and ride away after reading this


First stop, Madikeri. This place has a very rich history. It is named after the ruler Muddu Raja, a Haleri king. It used to be known as Muddu Raja Keri and later on as Mercara before it became popular as ‘Madikeri’. The town is a hill station in Madikeri taluk and is the headquarters of Kodagu. It lies in the Western Ghats with Mangaluru to the West and Mysuru to the East. It is at a distance of 252 km from Bangalore. If you are taking the road, first take State Highway 17 and then State Highway 88 to get there. It is located at a height of about 4000 ft above sea level and the weather is extremely pleasant during Summer.

Madikeri fort


While you are there, do visit the Madikeri fort. The fort is majestic, spiritual and magnificent, all at once. This fort was built by Muddu Raja. It was constructed in mud initially and was rebuilt using granite by Tipu Sultan before Dodda Vira Rajendra took control of it. He called it, Zafarabad. A lot more was added to the fort in the British era. Later on, Linga Rajendra renovated it.  The fort has its entrance in the North East corner. There are two life sized gorgeous masonry elephants and Kote Ganapathi at the main entrance. There is a church in the South-East corner. This church is disused. It is in fact, a converted museum. It was closed after India acquired independence.

Omkareshwara temple


Next, the Omkareshwara temple, the structure is Gothic-Islamic. It was built by king Linga Raja II. Well, the story goes like this. Apparently, the king Linga Raja II was having some political problems. He resolved to murder a Brahmin to solve all his problems. His political problems were solved but the dead Brahmin became a Brahmarakshasa and began haunting him. He was then told to construct a temple of Lord Shiva to put an end to this. Therefore, he brought a Shivalinga from Kashi and constructed the Omkareshwara temple. Whatever the legend may be, this temple is just blissful.


When in Madikeri, a visit to Talakaveri is a must. Talakaveri is the source of Kaveri. Have you read the Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi? It makes the readers want to believe that mythology is true. Talakaveri has one such mythological story.

Once, when Maharishi Agastya was passing by with Kaveri in his Kamandalu, Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and perched on the Kamandalu while Agastya was meditating. Realizing this, Agastya tried to shoo the crow away without knowing that it was actually Lord Ganapati. The Kamandalu toppled and water gushed out of it to flow as river Kaveri. The crow then shape shifted to become a lad. Enraged, Agastya muni wanted to kill this boy. He followed him for some distance as the kid was trying to escape. The Maharishi wanted to knock the boy’s head off. When Ganesha showed his true form after some time, Agastya knocked his own head off.

We do not know if this occurred or not but Kaveri looks beautiful as she flows. There is a tank or Kundike on a hillside and a temple by it at Talakaveri. The spring feeds the tank, flows underground for some distance and emerges again. The temple has idols of goddess Kaveramma, Maha Ganapathi and Lord Agasthiswara. The place is very sacred. The waters are crystal clear and sweet.

The first day of the Tulu Maasa according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated as Changrandi Day. It is the day when water gushes up and the fountainhead rises. The Achars perform special Poojas and the environment gets festive.

Abbey falls and other places

abbe falls

Other places to visit are Abbey falls from Kootu Poley dam, Raja Seat, which used to be the much loved view point for all the kings. It is a Mandapa made of bricks with a commanding view of the cliffs and valleys. Dubare Elephant Camp, which is an elephant training center. Dubare is a natural island. For all you know, you may get a chance to give a shower to a cute baby elephant. The Nagarhole National Park is also amazing!

Just imagine your bike roar as it takes off, sunlight making its way through the green canopy, feeling the breeze on your face at  the banks of the river, letting the dust settle down in your hair while you stop for some tea on the way, watching the mist dropping down, drinking the dew, seeing all the places, breathing every moment in, visualizing the history of the place, all the small things make your journey totally worth it. So, if you want to visit all these places and taste the delicious Kudumbuttu and Pandi curry, visit an online bike rental here and go get to know the Kodavas and explore Kodagu! Happy journey!



This week’s ride to Commercial Street

Commercial Street

It just does not matter even if there is big board in red that flashes ‘FLAT 50% OFF’ at any random store that you see, it cannot compete with Commercial Street. It just cannot compete with Commercial Street! Often, when we like something that our friends wear and ask them where they bought it, we are definitely not surprised to hear the reply ‘Com Street’. Commercial Street is the confession of shopaholics in Bangalore. This is where girls buy their Ghagras and boys bring home their leather jackets from!  

If you want to shop, then Commercial Street should be your go-to place. The place is simply the opposite of bling if you need to update your wardrobe or need a makeover. Clothes, footwear, jewelry, electronics, food joints, the place has it all! We are sure that even the Greek goddess Aphrodite loves this place to Venus and back.

Commercial Street is in the heart of Bangalore, close to MG Road, and Russell Market in Shivajinagar. The street has just 75 slots for parking four-wheelers. So, we suggest that you get a two-wheeler for rent and then shop till your heart’s content. It is also one of the most crowded places in Bangalore. Not to worry, we will give you some incredibly beneficial tips to make the most of your shopping experience at the famous Commercial Street!


Like we mentioned before, it just does not matter even if there is an ‘End of Season’ sale in any place, if you know when to go, where to go and how to bargain, you can shop enough at Commercial Street to open your own clothing line. Does that sound tempting? Well, this place is a boon for shopaholics. So, let us get to some serious business here.

When to go? Well, if you want to spend some time actually getting to know the place and exploring it, we suggest that you start off in the morning. Mornings are peaceful to try out what you want and choose from the variety. Weekends and evenings are really busy. Avoid going on weekend evenings. You get lost in the sea of people buzzing away from you. Closing times are the best if you want to get your favorite top at the rate you ask for and that is if it is still in stock. Trust us, you will not have to overpay for that perfect top and feel guilty about it later.

All about the money, money, money! Credit cards are not accepted in all places. We suggest that you carry enough cash. You never know when those bucks could get lost. Do be careful and keep your clutches close to you. Sometimes, you may end up spending a tad more than necessary. Just set a budget and you are good to go!

Do not hesitate to bargain. Commercial Street is not like malls where you should pay the fixed price no matter what. You can haggle. Haggle away and get those chandelier earrings for almost half the cost! But, if there is something that you would really die for, pay the extra one hundred bucks and get it. To put it in a sentence, ‘Commercial Street requires you to be a little street smart’ to get 10 clothes instead of 6 for the same price.

The place is no less for eateries either! If you get hungry while shopping, or if you are of those people who crave for food while you shop, the commercial street has some really amazing places to eat. Have the deliciously steamed cheese momos with Schezwan sauce and mint chutney or the spicy and tangy Churmuri with freshly grated carrots sprinkled on it.

You may reach Commercial Street by Metro. Get down at the MG Road Station and take a bike for rent from there. The MG Road walkway may also be used to get there. It has bougainvillea at the sides and small coffee shops in between. The view is great from the elevation too. Take a bus or an auto but we think the best way to get there is by using a two-wheeler.





Behind the scenes of a Bike Rental


Behind the scenes of a Bike Rental

Bike rentals are definitely trending everywhere. With the internet inevitably being a part of everyone’s life, opting for an online bike rental is easily the most preferred solution to the problem of daily transportation. There are a number of valid reasons to rent a bike. Click here to know them. Now, monthly rentals are much more expedient and here, is why they are chosen. But, it is prudent that we know why there was a demand for bike rentals in the first place.

Who does not love stories? As kids, we all loved listening to stories and that has not changed. We read fiction, the word ‘story’ itself gets us to imagine things. Stories make us happy. So, what if we told you that all bike rentals have stories behind them? Stories that made and built them. Are you surprised? Well, don’t be. Sit back, relax and read the anecdotes we have got to tell you.

So, about the first bike rental ever. There were two co-workers who wanted to go for a ride across the United States of America on Harley Davidsons taking a sabbatical from work. Neither of them could afford to buy the bikes. When they were searching for bike rentals, they discovered that there were none. This gave birth to an idea. There was demand but no supply. They decided to supply and started a bike rental in the year 1992 by christening it as EagleRider.

This was just one reason to come up with a bike rental company. When users were asked, they had so many reasons to rent a bike from their nearest bike rentals. Have you ever just got on a bike and set off to explore the city? If you have not, we urge you to do it. You will truly appreciate how beautiful the city is. A person from Delhi lands in Bangalore and just does not know what to do. He could get a cab or an auto instead he just thinks, ‘What if I could walk into a bike rental near me?’ and wonders about getting an Activa for rent. He gets to go anywhere he wants to and if he is in the city for a span of three or four weeks, he gets a scooty for rent from a monthly bike rental. Everything works out just fine and this could become an idea to open a bike rental.

Ever taken a local train in Mumbai? Do you not feel that they are a little crowded? Using the adjective ‘little’ would probably make it an understatement. Now, what if there was a two-wheeler for rent? If only you could just rent one and proceed to make your way through the city! Now that leaves a light bulb lingering in the head.

Students find it convenient to commute using bikes. But, the application needs to get approved by their mothers and the fathers must begin execution. The chances of owning a bike are very slim for a student. So, how about renting one? Here is an idea to open a bike rental! If you are an engineering student, facilitate the process online and open an online bike rental!

Like mentioned earlier, all these small stories are what make the basic framework for something big and they make total sense in big cities like Bangalore. Bike rentals in Bangalore play a major role in making every single person’s life easier. Book a bike online, pick it up and ride. Too busy to pick it up? Well, there are companies that deliver and pick up for you. Anyone can try out any bike. Not long before bike rentals in Bangalore are going to be as common and normal as WhatsApp or Google. There you go, the possible anecdotes of bike rentals. Bike rentals are amazing and will continue to be so. If you want to rent a bike, do it here. Happy renting!

Reference: Times Of India


The story of bikes

I am a bike and I have a heart. I also possess the soul. I am not non-living. My rider can feel my soul, I know he can. I was created by humans. We have come a long way from when we were owned to now, where we are being rented using online bike rentals. Well, here is my story. The story of my lineage, my ancestors and how I became who I am today.

Let us time travel to the time of my predecessors. They were all not as advanced as we are today. They were pedal-powered cycles. Humans wanted to move further and faster and that was when they made the Reitwagen.  Reitwagen was petroleum fuelled and was invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach at around 1885 in Germany. Boy! Have we evolved since then!

1914 to 1918 was a dark period for people. It was the time of World War 1. It was not a very peaceful period. Harley Davidson was one company that gave away 50% of us to the military in America. The British company Triumph Motorcycles sold more than 30,000 of us to allied forces. We are faster than horses so horse riders were replaced by bike riders to carry messages to the front line troops. The first of Triumphs did not have any pedals to support them. Those guys were actually known as Trusty Triumphs.

First motorcycle

People started wanting us for different reasons. Cars were always there but they were not affordable by the so-called ‘working middle class’. We were so much more efficient than carriages. So, if people had to move to different cities to find opportunities, they found us more convenient. They are always finding new ways to modify us and make us better than who we are.

Royal Enfield was the first one to come to India. He was used in the India army. He was rugged enough to be used by the soldiers. He was originally from the United Kingdom. He was tough alright! With a capacity of 350cc and a broad wheelbase, he could practically ride on any of the terrains.  Once this happened, our population increased in the country. Many of my ancestors were manufactured and assembled here by API (Automobile Products of India) to serve the Indian crowd.

Initially, there were just three manufacturers. Enfield, Ideal Jawa, and Escorts were the only ones who made us. Enfields made 350cc bikes and Escorts made 175cc bikes. With the joint Indo-Japanese venture came our cousins in the 90s, the mopeds, and scooters. Their capacities were reduced to less than 100cc and everybody loved them. Hero Honda was the maker and they shot to the top.
A lot of us were made in the 50s, 60s, and 70s but 80s were the best time for us. We were 1.9 million in number in 1990. Kinetic Honda joined our family in the 80s. Well, scooters started deteriorating in number after that. We can hardly see them these days. Guess they are just kept as showpieces now. Many human children are unaware of their existence.

1991 and 1992 were not so good for us. People talk about ‘recession’, and our producers went through that. Especially Hero Honda in the year 1992. We need fuel to run and the reason why this happened was that the prices of fuel went up. However, in the year 1998, we two-wheelers were everywhere. There were around 3-millions of us, approximately. In 1990, there were 12.6-millions of us only in India.

Later on, there was a pretty good number of companies to make us. MotoCorp makes us the most. Bajaj acquired 47% of KTM and TVS tied up with BMW.

Two Wheeler manufacturer

Some of us were made in the most bizarre ways! There was one guy who had his car broken down in the middle of the desert. He used it to make one of us and get out of there

Most of us have silencers but Harley Davidson tried to trademark the sound made by them. Honestly, it was just the sound of the engine. Our pistons go up and down. That is all. They did not get the trademark after all. Yamaha pointed this out to them.

We motorcycles also play sports. We race. So, there are major genres like on circuit courses, lane speed record trials, track racing, hill climbs, drag racing and open courses. Many of us are made for racing. There are championships for traditional road racing too. The International Road Racing Championship and the Duke Road Racing Rankings. There is also Grand Prix motorcycle racing and that has three categories. Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP. Superbike Racing is for those of us whose volume is more than 600cc. Supersport racing, Endurance racing, Motocross, Enduro and cross country and Track Racing that has grass tracks, ice speedways, and board tracks, okay we motorbikes have a lot of challenges and we can be a great source of entertainment. We prove that over and over again, don’t we?

When riders ride us, they need to be safe. We can go fast on roads but it is risky. We become disfigured and our riders lose their lives if there is a crash. We do not like crashes. They are unpleasant. We want our riders to be safe and insist that they wear helmets. Helmets protect our riders. The idea was a neurosurgeon’s who attended the Lawrence of Arabia.

One thing that has never changed in us is the twist grip throttle. Reitwagen had it in 1885 and so do I. Amusing, isn’t it?

These days, many of us are being rented. After the development of the internet, things have changed drastically. The humans find it more convenient to rent us than own us and we do not blame them. We are here to serve them. They can book us using the internet. The companies are called online bike rentals. Get an Activa on rent or any bike on rent. Monthly bike rentals are being preferred nowadays. Click here to know why. Ontrack is one of the best online bike rentals in Bangalore. So, rent one of us.

Now, are you interested to know what we think of our future? I think nobody is going to own us anymore after some time. Everybody is going to rent us. We will always evolve and we will always be loved. We are happy to make our creators’ lives easier.

Source: Hindustan Motorcycling

Fact Encyclopedia


I came, I saw and left enchanted.

He stands there, right in front my eyes. I travelled for 144 km and climbed more than 500 steps to see him and he did not disappoint me. He was tall and majestic. He stood there in peace, a gentle smile on his face. Tranquility triumphed everywhere. The place radiated purity because of him. He was the first of the 21 Tirthankaras, Bahubali. He is also known as Gomateshwara.

Nearly 12 kms to the South of Bangalore-Mangalore Road from a town called Channarayapatna in the Hassan district, is this village called Shravanabelagola. Shravanabelagola translates to ‘White pond of Shravana’ and the pond in the middle of the town literally glistens in Spring. It has a number of names like Sveta Sarovara, Dhavala Sarovara and Dhavala Sarasa. It has two beautiful hills, Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri. Guess whose abode it is? Yes, it is Gomateshwara’s home.


Bahubali, is the most important Tirthankara in Jainism. His 58 feet tall monolithic statue was carved by commander Chavundaraya of the Ganga dynasty. This giant statue is the largest free standing statue in the world. It is one of the Seven Wonders of India. It was carved at around 981 A.D. The structure has absolutely no support from above the thigh region.

Bahubali was known for living all the phases of his life with exceptional qualities. Read the Adi Purana to know more about him. It is a 9th century Sanskrit poem that describes how he led his life. His acquired inner peace and vitality is portrayed beautifully in the chiselled statue. The facial features are simply flawless.

Once every 12 years, the town gears up for one of most religious events. The event is Mahamastakabhisheka. The event takes place in pomp and splendour. It is to happen from the 17th to the 25th of February this year under the leadership of Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji. The last time this event happened was back in 2006. This year, over a million devotees are expected to witness the grandeur.

The Abhisheka is performed for weeks where the statue is bathed in purified water, milk, sugar cane juice, saffron paste, sandalwood paste, turmeric and vermillion using special vessels called ‘Kalash’. Two eyes are just not enough to view the sight. In all their devotion, the basic amenities to the visitors are provided by the hermits  residing in Shravanabelagola.


So, what are you doing for this duration? Get a bike on rent and proceed to watch the magnificent event. Walk in to the nearest bike rental, rent a bike and hit the road. While you are there, do not forget to visit the Suparshvanath Digambar Jain temple, Hanuman temple, Sri Someshwara temple, Chandragupta Basadi, Bandhar Basadi, Kushmandini Devi temple, Bhadrabahu cave, well the charming town has many places to see. Which is exactly why our first Prime Minister after visiting the place said, ‘I came, I saw and left enchanted’.

The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance!

Have you read the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig? Well, it simply narrates a memorable bike ride across Northwest America. Motorcycle rides can do wonders to a person. They can broaden perspectives, they can be enjoyable, beautiful, awesome and a hundred other amazing things. But all this can happen only if they are maintained well. Also, nothing else is more important than your safety. So, if you actually want to experience what Robert describes in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, take care of your bike. Yes, take really good care of her because just loving her is not enough. Read on to find out how to maintain the beauty.


The heart is the most important part of the body

That is right. The heart is the most important part of the body even in case of bikes. Engine oil drives the engine. Continuing to use dirty oil increases fuel consumption like crazy and makes the engine inefficient. So, the solution is to oil the engine periodically. This keeps it cool and lubricated.

The carburettor and valve clearances need special attention. Clean out the carburettor float chamber for every 1500 kms travelled and do not forget the spark plugs. Spark plugs are as important as blood vessels are in the Circulatory System. They are used to produce the spark that ignites fuel. So, use the right kind of spark plug. Go ahead and use Iridium plugs if you have to. They are worth the extra penny.


The Transmission System

Lubricate the chain that rotates the rear tyre. Use paraffin to clean it and expect it to have a long-life span. If chains are neglected, they will erode and fall off the sprockets. Excess heat damages them too. Use a soft piece of cloth to remove all the dirt and tighten them if they are loose. Beware not tighten them excessively. Using engine oil to grease chains is not such a bad idea either.


Batteries and Brakes

Well, the basic rules apply for batteries. They should always be charged. Examine them for leaks. Battery leakage is a big ‘No’! Top them up with distilled water. Check for cracks and vibrations and also if the electrolytes are up to the required level.

Coming to brakes, neither can they be too tight nor too loose. Brakes halt vehicles. Braking systems are vital. So, inspect for the space between the brakes that hold the tyres. If bikes screech too much, replace the bike pads. Brakes need to be oiled too. Always make it a point to ensure that brakes function properly and when in doubt, bleed your brakes.

Test the brake cables. Even if they work fine, the worn-out ends can be tacky. In this case, simply twist them and then cap them. Twist the threads and get them as close as they can get and then use a wire cap to bind them. Just smash the end with pliers to keep them from moving.


Bikes need a wash

Bikes do need a wash. However, there is a certain way to wash them. Firstly, invest in cleaning products specific for the motorcycle. Use water and a light detergent to clean the bike’s metal and plastic. High pressure water sprays are not recommended and do not clean the vehicle when the engine and exhaust are hot. Leave the silencer and the electrical parts alone. Do not drench them. Also, chemical solvents are not recommended for the surface. Dry the bike thoroughly and then start the engine. Test for brakes once washed.

Get rid of road salt using cold water. Warm water does not remove salt. Make use of a mild detergent and wet sponge for aluminium parts. Corrosion marks on aluminium parts can be scraped off using soaped steel wood. Remember, no water to bearings.

Wash the seat, dashboard, indicators, rear light and wind screen. Switch the headlight on to high beam for some time. Let the engine run while it is on. The headlight gets clearer eventually.

Finish off by using a spray cleaner or polish wax.


Tire treads and Riding Speed

A Tyre Pressure Gauge can be used to know the pressure. Check the tyres for air pressure, cuts and scrapes. Get them fixed or replace them as soon as possible to avoid hassles. Not over exceeding the speed limit can also be good for the bike’s health. Maintaining a speed of 40-60 kms is good for the bike.


A wonderful alternative!

As already mentioned, bike maintenance is an art. It is a daunting task. It is labour intensive and time consuming. However, we have an alternative! Get a bike on rent. But here is the question, ‘Where can I rent a bike?’. Opt for online bike booking. Ontrack is an online bike rental company. The bike is always in good condition and you can be stress free! Ontrack is a monthly bike rental and is one of the best bike rentals in Bangalore! The two-wheeler rented from Ontrack is maintained by the company on a monthly basis.


Hassle-free, isn’t it? Yes, so just rent now and experience the best of services.



We went on a ride to K.R Market last time. If you missed it, click here. But this time, we have a treat for all those people who simply love food. So, are you a traveling foodie? If you are one then you must visit the famous Food Street or Thindi Beedi at Visveswarapuram, popularly known as VV Puram. Ask any person in Bengaluru about this place and their mouths get filled with water as they begin to describe it. Well, read on. We cannot contain our excitement to tell you about this place.

Go with a group and you can taste as many things as possible. Ask each one of your group members to buy different snacks and taste them all! Fill your tummy by just tasting food. You do not have to have a hearty meal after all! This place lets you experience the delicious Mumbai Vada-Pav to hot & yummy Mangalore Bajjis to buttery Mysore Masala Dosas to sweet and syrupy Bengali sweets. All the snacks in one place, actually in one street.

Talking about the ambience first, the street is so colourful! As it gets dark, the streets are lit by street lamps that radiate an orange-yellow glow. You can smell fried, greasy and excellent food several meters away. You are not allowed to park your vehicle at the street. It is always buzzing with hungry people. So, park your bike nearby and enter this giant Cornucopia!


Once in, you get lost. There is just so much variety that you would not know where to start. Really! So, we have classified the food available there regionally to make your experience easy. Just thank us later.

 Sooo South Indian!

Do you feel like eating South Indian? If you do, then start off with idlis. The steamy idlis are simply delightful with the minty chutney. And then we have the hundred varieties of Dosas, not to forget the tiny Paddus. Ragi or Akki Rotis can get a little heavy but they taste amazing with coconut chutney. Do not forget to taste Holliges. They are like sweet parathas with dal, coconut, jackfruit or date filling. They are mind blowing with some ghee and milk. We also have the regulars; Uthappams, Idiyappam, Lemon rice or Chitranna, Puliyogare etc etc

Simply North Indian.

North Indian food is so buttery! Pav Bhajis, dabelis and vada-pavs with salted chillis is just so spicy and delectable that taste buds go mad! Try the scrumptious Rajasthani Roti and Sabzi, the generously stuffed Aloo parathas or Paneer Parathas and chaats. Floating Pani Puris are a signature. Taste Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Cutlets, Papdi chaat, Bread Pakora, okay the list is never ending. Crave for Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Rabris, Rasmalais or other Bengali sweets.

Haochi Shiwu!

Manchurians, fried rice, spring rolls and noodles, taste them all. The spicy chilli sauce mixed with tangy tomato sauce and the salty soy sauce will leave your mouth flavorus. There are Manchurian rolls and what not! Taste all the Chinese food here in one place. Now then, how would you like to eat Indian-Chinese? Does it sound like a bad idea? Because, it is not! Try combinations like, noodles stuffed in dosas called Chinese dosas, rice or noodles with manchurian etc etc They are truly amazing!

Convenience food.

Wondering what convenience food is? Food like French Fries, Sandwiches that have cheese dripping out of them, pizza with extra olives and oregano seasoning, dry chaats like Bhel Puri, Churmuri and Boti Masala garnished with freshly grated carrots and coriander are all so convenient to eat. Bhel Puri is actually so popular that it was appended as an official word in the Oxford English dictionary. Cool or what!

Those elixirs!

Be it lemonade, fruit juices, varieties of chai, coffee, lassi or rose milk, they have it all! Quench your thirst. Refresh yourself. Get those elixirs.

Untitled-design-35 copy

We have actually missed out on a lot of food items available at Food Street. So, here is what you can do. Walk in to the nearest bike rental, get an Activa on rent or any bike on rent and explore the all-time festive, Thindi Beedi! Bon Appetit!

Auto Expo 2018

Co-create, Coexist and Celebrate – Auto Expo 2018

Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest motor show is here! That’s right. Auto Expo 2018 will be held at the India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. It is to happen from the 9th to the 14th of February. The Component Show is to take place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from the 8th to the 11th of February. The joint inauguration is on the 8th of February. Auto Expo is a biennial show. The one happening from the 8th of February is the 14th show to happen since the time of initiation. It is organized by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association(ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) and the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

How did it start?

It all started off in the year 1986. The first Auto Expo was all about how the Indian Automotive Industry was taking in new technologies and adopting them to suit the jagged conditions of India. It was a 9-day show that was pronounced by the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi Ji. The first event just featured 152 exhibits but we have witnessed some massive improvement overtime, haven’t we?

Auto expo 2018

Previous events

The event has commenced for 13 times over a span of 31 years now! The event held in 2016 was a howling success, around 6 lakh people turned up. While the theme of the show was, ‘Mobility for all’ in 2014, it was all about ‘Eco-friendliness’ in 2016. Over 108 new products were launched and more than 65 manufacturers took part in the Expo. The event receives accreditation from Organization Internationale des d’Automobiles. The major focus of the event is to produce transportation options for common people. Although it is not as technologically ahead as the Tokyo, Geneva or Detroit motor shows, it is good enough.

How does it make a difference in India?

In terms of design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling of motor vehicles, India is currently in the fifth place. China is the largest market in terms of both, demand and supply followed by the United States, Japan and Germany. India aims to be in the third place this year, so Auto Expo is definitely an economy booster.

The Theme!

Well, keeping in mind the future mobility ecosystem and electric vehicles, the theme for this year is ‘Co-create, coexist and Celebrate’. The focus will be on the ‘Entire Mobility Ecosystem’. Six special zones are to be introduced this time. So, all the motor heads out there, go get your tickets. They are available at BookMyShow!

What to expect this time?

Cars and two wheelers are showcased at Auto Expos. New vehicles are also launched. Do you want to know what is in store for the one coming up? Well, look forward to the launch of the next generation Maruti Suzuki Swift, the Vios C-Segment Sedan from Toyota, Maruti Suzuki Vitara, Hyundai Carlino Compact SUV, Honda civic and Honda HR-V among other vehicles.

Honda CBR300R: This bike is fun to ride and has a wide spread torque. With a displacement of around 286cc, this beauty’s top speed is about 157 km/hr. It has one cylinder and six gears. The full tank capacity is almost 13 litres.

TVS Graphite: With just one cylinder, automatic gears and an engine displacement of 150cc, this scooter has many premium features. This vehicle was seen in its concept avatar at the Auto Expo 2014, we can finally see it launched at the Auto Expo 2018.

TVS Apache 160: The Apache 160 is built with impressive quality. It has a very powerful motor and vibey engine. Powering the engine is a 159.7cc, 4 stroke-cylinder. This bike cannot handle high speeds.

Honda PCX 150: The displacement in this bike is approximately 153cc. It has just one cylinder and automatic gears. Having a top speed of 112 km/hr, the fuel tank capacity is estimated to be 8 litres. Ride this bike in a sporty riding position. It also has a very efficient braking system.

Aprilia 125: This bike is said to have an aggressive, essential and a compact style. It seems to be an exact replica of its 150cc sibling. The tires are slim to increase the performance. It completes the family that consists of Vespa LX125, Honda Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125.

Suzuki is expected to showcase around 17 models. The manufacturer also mentioned about introducing two new models at the event. We expect them to introduce a premium bike, maybe a Suzuki V Strom 650 Adventure Tourer and a scooter.

Auto expo 2018

It is going to be a ‘dream come true’ moment for all the motor aficionados out there. Speed up and go go go!


Exuberate your soul this Republic Day

Republic day

                                                 Exuberate your soul this Republic Day!

Republic Day is dependably an extraordinary event for each Indian which is praised in India on 26 January consistently. The day denotes the power of the nation, as on this day in 1950 the Constitution of India was embraced. The mark festivity of the occasion is the Republic Day Parade, which is held in the capital city, New Delhi. At this day, a national occasion is pronounced by the Indian Government.


Our constitution is the longest written constitution in the world, which gave us the foundation of a new and progressing India. It laid out the common rules and regulations for each individual to follow, gave us a sense of guarantee & safety that no matter what happens, we will be protected, it taught us to live a disciplined life and always be united.


Also, to mention, bike parade carried out on this auspicious day signifies a long story. The individuals doing such stunts are one of trade assigned to the Indian army soldiers, called Dispatch Riders. It is back in those days when the telecommunications were insecure and limited, these riders play a very vital role and even to this day, they do. They were and still are dispatched by the armed forces to deliver urgent orders and messages between headquarters and military units.

Republic Day

and military units.

This 69th Republic Day will be creating history, as it is going to be another first for women. A recently raised all-lady bikers unforeseen of the Border Security Force (BSF) will make its introduction on Rajpath on January 26. The 27-member BSF ‘thrill seekers’ will draw cheers as they will feature their tricks and trapeze artistry on their 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet bikes. Their squad has been named ‘Seema Bhavani’.


Diverse individuals commend this uncommon day in an unexpected way. For a bikerin any case, there is just a single method to stamp every Republic Day – with a ride. On top of all, inspiring stories like ‘Dispatch Riders’ and ‘Seema Bhavani’ moves a biker’s soul. One feels the sense of belongingness to his/ her two-wheeler and wants to travel more.


But amongst the rush to ride, one should never forget the basic rules of riding. An individual should always keep in mind the constitutional rules and regulations while riding. One should always be disciplined, follow rules, ensure safety of other riders on the street, look-out for the pedestrians and no matter how tempting those stunts look on the television screen, should never practice or perform them on the streets.

Republic Day

Now that, we have the motivation to ride, let us make this Republic Day a memorable for us to remember it in years. Enjoy watching the breath-taking grandeur celebrated in National Capital Delhi and later, march out to your bike and those who don’t own one, rent a two-wheeler, get your engine roaring, either be part of a group or travel independently. But all in all, few important things to be kept in mind is to be disciplined, ride with unity, ride fearlessly and most importantly to respect the constitutional guidelines.

Bike Riding: Is it Individual Persona and Passion?

Bike Riding: is an individual persona and passion

Riding a bike easily transforms into being anybody’s piece of character. The sort of  vehicle one rides, the accessories that go with it, the picked destination, regardless of whether the rider opts to ride solo or be one among the pack, the course taken to achieve the endpoint, span of the adventure, each little thing demonstrates something about the person. In any case, the deep yearning and love that one needs to ride, is simply incomparable to any other feeling.


Talk to bikers and they tell you that bikes have souls. They can feel the life in the core of the vehicle when they begin the motor and hear it roar. Ever watched the motion picture Ghost Rider? The devil picks the best of all riders who are immensely attached to their rides. Don’t we as a whole, feel like we are our own Johnny Blaze?


One fine morning, when we simply have a craving for leaving on a long ride, we just wear our jackets, put on our gloves and boots, pick the helmet and keys up and get on our bikes. We just go off on that impromptu ride by ourselves. The adrenaline rush that kicks in when the throttle is twisted gives us goosebumps. The vibe is simply inexplicable.


The breathtaking views we take in while riding in hilly or mountainous regions, when we are surrounded by lush greenery or pass by lakes, stopping by to capture the moments, our minds are in the state of peace and this frame of mind is just irrevocable. The wind strikes on our faces, we let the dust settle down on us and accelerate anyway to increase the rush of adrenaline. Sunshine falls on us, we ride in the light drizzle or in the morning fog, paying attention to the gentle noise made by the bike. The pleasant smell of petrichor, the freshness of trees and the taste of morning dew and dust, makes it all worth it.


We glide our way through to the destination, either making the journey count more than the destination or letting the journey be a catalyst in making the endpoint memorable. Our senses are magnified, we grow wings and fly in freedom along the lean angles. We breathe in every moment and think about absolutely nothing. We live in the present, letting go of the past to be a memory and considering the future to be an illusion.


While we enjoy these solo rides, we love the planned group rides too. Sitting with the pack, deciding on the go-to place, starting off together, being surrounded with people, bonding with them, enjoying the company, capturing moments, exchanging rides and having fun. Such long and tiring journeys do not feel so exhausting when travelled with groups. We stop for some tea or good food, meet new people, indulge in long conversations and such small things makes it all so memorable when we remind ourselves of the amazing times later on.


Travel is inevitable. But, when we do make sure to enjoy the hustle, it is one of the best things ever. It broadens our horizons, makes us self aware, helps us get along with different people, accept changes, develop new perspective and value our existing assets and what better means to travel than riding a bike? So, go ahead and be your own Knight Rider!


Making sure your bike is okay, feeding it with fuel and taking care of it is all a part of the hustle. Like Valentino Rossi says, ” The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike. You have to understand what she wants.” Wherever we go becomes a part of us and bikes make this possible. Bike riding truly is an individual’s persona and passion, isn’t it?


Scooty for Rent in Bangalore

Here’s a shot for you to hurry away on a rented Scooty!

Scooty for rent in Bangalore

Namma Bengaluru and its movement conditions has left every one of us suburbanites horrified. In this city, we don’t characterize our movement span by means of kms yet rather it’s by means of traffic activity. Let’s assume that journey from Point A to Point B is perhaps only few kilometres yet believe us, you can take hours to achieve the Point B. In that time, you may even overlook why you needed to touch base at that point. Now, we are not overstating. This is how our city has turned out to be.


In any case, it isn’t sensible to purchase a bike or a car, where you have to pay vigorously to claim them and it needs that base cost each month to look after them. This is the place we at Ontrack have concocted a possibility for you. We have concocted an online bike rental, which enables you to rent a vehicle on a month to month premise. Bike for rent is a recent phenomenon and we need to influence this ‘remarkable’ to understanding as exciting and as fulfilling as would be prudent. You should simply go on the web and get a Scooty for rent, which is the most preferred segment of vehicles amongst the female crowd and has many advantages attached to it.


Scooty with its programmed transmission is anything but not at all difficult to move around. They are an incredible transport alternative for city suburbanites on the grounds that with their size and mobility you can get past even the most exceedingly terrible of movement effortlessly. You’ll be the legend of the street, we mean – when you beat the city traffic. This you will know when the jealous supervisor driving a Sedan will be abandoned while you achieve your work put on time. Scooty is outstanding amongst other choices accessible for an ordinary explorer. The fortunate thing about this choice is that everybody in your family can without much of a stretch utilize it, provided all of your family members are over 18 years of age.


Scooty is accessible for rent at a very moderate evaluating and in the event that we take a gander at the Scooty price in Bangalore – it can cost no less than half a lakh for you to get one. That is a significant enormous total for anybody to spend at one go. Obviously, the proprietorship carries with it a greater arrangement of duties that can end up being exceptionally tedious and extreme. At Ontrack, we present to you ‘another sort of experience’. Ontrack offers Honda Activa on rent in Bangalore and you couldn’t have requested a superior choice. Honda Activa with its satisfying outline has established a significant connection in India is as yet cherished by numerous. It is the most preferred vehicle amongst the millennials.


Now all you have to do is search for Activa on rent in Bangalore, Suzuki Access for rentals, Aprilia SR 150 for rent, Dio for rent in Bangalore and click on our website and make the booking.


In this way, this is the thing that you have to do when you rent Honda Activa or any other vehicle – ride it on a daily basis, don’t worry about the maintenance. Because, we will deal with the support and the cost that accompanies it. You should simply make the payment and enjoy the ride.


The sort of bas traffic that our adored city has been encountering – individuals are really wishing to begin their new lives on Mars. Indeed, people can be over-sensational. We are known for it. That won’t take care of the issue for you. Yet, at Ontrack, we can enable you to discover a ‘not such a sensational yet an extraordinary arrangement’ – Rent out Honda Activa. Its basic, moderate and you can move around the Ubers and cars without apologizing for the same.


Give us a chance to push you to ‘rationally’ transport to Mars. We guarantee you a pleasant journey and promise that you will love it!


Bikes for rent in Bangalore | bike rental

Bike for rent in Bangalore

We, the working-class people and the student community travel close to 10 – 20 kilometers on a daily basis to reach the place of work or study. There are different modes of transport we can opt for; Public transport, private or rental. But, for Indian roads, two wheelers are the most convenient. Considering the benefits online bike rentals offer to the crowd, it is not very surprising that they are all in swing these days. Bike rental offer a variety of alternatives according to one’s needs and style, they are so much more affordable and cost effective. Basically, they are a combination of the pros of public and private transport.

At Ontrack, the entire flow of renting a two wheeler rental happens in a jiffy. From the wide range of bike that we offer to the end user, uncertainty arises on which vehicle to hire for what purpose. This article will help one know the features of bike or scooty on rent in Bangalore at Ontrack.


Rent Honda bikes in Bangalore from Ontrack!

Honda Activa being one of the oldest and the most trustworthy brand, is special in many ways. The mileage that it offers, quick acceleration, the seating space, the underseat compartment available for carrying groceries to food to documents to helmets, makes it the most opted bike for rent in Bangalore. The vehicle is light, sleek, well-designed, reliable and is very comfortable for daily commute. Get Activa on rent for INR 3750 per month.

Honda Navi is a whole new category of two wheeler, which is unique in its own way. Navi being the gearless bike gives the feel of riding a motorcycle and is the combination of both; a bike and a scooter. People have a fun time riding them. It has excellent brakes and a weightless front end. It is a perfect city commuter. You can rent Honda Navi at just INR 3000 per month.

Click here to rent these Honda bikes in Bangalore.


Rent Bajaj bikes in Bangalore from Ontrack!

Bajaj vehicles like Bajaj CT 100B, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Avenger 150 Street and Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise are another tranche of vehicles that are widely opted by customers. The Bajaj CT 100 is one amongst the best 100cc bikes with great performance. The customized engine can take on any road. The seat  is more than sufficiently spacious making the bike extremely comfortable. It has a long wheelbase and is safe for all road conditions. Be it a short trip or every day ride to college or place of work, renting this bike is totally worth it. It is available for a price of INR 2750 a month.

The largest selling 150cc motorcycle in India is the Bajaj Pulsar 150. With its refined and smooth engine, light clutch and smooth gear shift, there is no doubt about it being the best. The low speed performance is pretty good in this vehicle. The overall performance is great and the tonal quality is acceptable. To rent this bike on Ontrack, just pay INR 4750 a month.

Bajaj Avenger 150 completes the range of bikes by Bajaj. The engine is smooth with a good performance. The acceleration is noticeable. The light clutch enables the rider to handle bumps and corners in traffic with ease. With its excellent brakes, it is it is fun to ride this vehicle on hills too. This bike can be rented at a price of INR 5000 per month.

One of the best bikes available to go on those nostalgic and much planned long rides is the Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise. The heart of the bike i.e the engine is punchy. It has a slick gearbox. The overall performance is pretty good. Having been easy to gain speed, it makes a great and comfortable highway cruiser. It can be rented for INR 5500 a month.

Click here to rent these Bajaj bikes in Bangalore.


Rent Access or Aprilla from Ontrack!

The Suzuki Access 125 is Suzuki motorcycle India’s star performer. With its peppy engine and decent fuel economy, no wonder it is a best seller. The acceleration is pretty smooth. The scooter pulls neatly and can handle rough patches effortlessly. It does not lose its composure even under emergency braking, holds line under hard braking and is plush and comfortable. It can be hired for INR 3750 per month.

Aprilia SR 150 is a sporty-scooter which has revolutionized the Indian two-wheeler market. It evokes a sense of excitement in the motorcycling enthusiasts. The SR 150 is equipped with a disc brake in the front and drum brake at the rear. The vehicle is powered by a 150cc engine and is targeted at the youth who have performance and style as their top priorities. This vehicle can be rented at a price of INR 4500 per month.

Click here to rent these bikes in Bangalore.

Now that there is all this information, renting the bike of your choice is just one step away. Happy riding!

Why rent bikes?

why rent bikes

Ever wanted to take some time off the busy schedule and travel to a different place? Explore the unexplored places, stop for some tea or to click a few snaps on the way, feel the wind and sunshine on your face, enjoy not only the ports of call and the end point but also the journey and make a memory worth bragging about for years. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

It is always the journey that makes the destination even more memorable. Now how do you travel to the destination, having the freedom to make your own schedule, without having to worry about the vehicle being equipped to ride on different terrains, looking after the servicing of the vehicles and other hassles? One simple solution; Bike Rental.

Bike rentals in Bangalore are all in trend. So, rent bikes and motorcycles that are appropriate for your tour, that fit your style and self-ride to your haven! You have the option to choose your own bike. Be it an Avenger for a long ride or an Activa to explore the city, rent away at an affordable cost!

What if we suggested that you could hire two wheelers even for office commutes? Who needs the squabbles of public transport that is extremely time consuming or of dependent modes of transport such as auto rickshaws or cabs which are not pocket friendly? No need of waiting for the right bus for hours. You do not have to walk that extra distance to the bus stop from home and from the bus stop to the office or go through the pain of paying surcharges and fight for refunds or cancelled bookings. What if you need to stay back and finish those reports and no public transportation is available late at night? Well, just opt for Bike Rentals in Bangalore if you know how to ride. Borrow a bike from a motorcycle rental in Bangalore. A Bajaj Pulsar, Bajaj CT100, Suzuki Access, Honda Activa or any ride appropriate to navigate through the city and you are good to go!

Millennials prefer bike rental to buying them mainly due to the high cost of ownership. When you buy a motorcycle or any other two-wheeler, there are a number of other things to consider; fuel, insurance, periodic maintenance, safety measures etc. What if the insurance, safety measures and all other services are covered? Rent a bike, fill the tank and proceed to work. No worries at all.

If you are a college student, take the bike on college commutes and enjoy the fun jaunts. All you have to do is, pick a vehicle from a bike rental and wait for none.

Bike Rental

Why not rent a bike when the system is hassle free, transparent and cost effective with a lot of available choices? So, how do we rent a bike?

Register at our site, choose the desired model, make payment and ride to glory!

Go Places Go Independent.

We wish to empower every individual to travel independently. We want everyone to dream big and travel their heart out!

Everything that glitters ain’t gold

All of us would have asked this question to ourselves at some point, “Should I opt for a monthly rental or an hourly rental?” In this post, we will dispel any doubts you might be housing and clarify all your doubts.

Transport has now become the way of life. Not a single day transpires, without us taking our bikes out for a spin. Be it corporate or college, everyone needs to spend a good deal of time on wheels so you might as well enjoy it. Again, this depends on your moyen de transport. Check this post out for insights. With a universal acknowledgement that daily commute is inevitable, all that is left to be determined is the cost efficient route.

Monthly rental      v/s       Hourly rental

Everything that glitters are not god

Let the showdown begin!

Brace yourselves for some Math now folks!

Now, say you rent a bike on an hourly basis at INR 25/- per hour (i.e INR 100/- for 4 hours). Assuming you use it to commute to work or college, you will have the vehicle for a minimum of 10 hours (8 hours within the office or college and 2 hours to commute). You will now have a subtotal of INR 250/- But that is not it, you will be required to pay for petrol which currently stands at INR 60/- per liter. So you will end up spending INR 310 a day!

Your weekly expenditure would rise up to, INR 2170/- !

Which means, you’d be spending a whopping INR 9300/-  per month!

Ontrack offers you a Bajaj CT100 at just ₹ 2750 /- for an entire month!

Ontrack offers you Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise at just INR 5500 /- for an entire month!

Ontrack, unlike other rentals, offers bikes on a monthly rental basis. You can rent a bike at Ontrack for an entire month with approximately the same amount of money you would be spending on an hourly rental for a week. In addition to this, you get to keep your vehicle for the entirety of 24 hours! So if you feel like a midnight stroll around the city, there is nothing to stop you.

In case of hourly rentals, you will be required to complete all the paperwork and fill in forms every now and then. You are not only over paying for the services but also tangling yourself up with work, a lot more than necessary. We understand how hectic things can get. You deserve to spend your time doing what you love to do and not worry about paperwork and delivery.

There is also the matter of bonding with your vehicle. Any true bike rider would know how important it is to familiarize oneself with his or her vehicle. Bikes have lives and the riders can feel them. The Warriors of yore always spent a good deal of time taming and getting to know their horses before riding on them. In the same manner, to feel one with the bike, a rider requires to make a connection which takes quite some time. Not much of a show down now, is it? The fight ends even before it begins. Not to worry. Right from Bajaj Avengers to Honda Activas, we have them all. So, go ahead and get experimental. Try your hand at riding your dream bike. Pick the vehicles of your choice, the ones that suit your need and fit your style. Rent our bikes at insanely low prices now.

Ontrack bike rental, in addition to being affordable is also very transparent. We cover your insurance and provide you a complimentary helmet. We are hassle free and present to you with a myriad of bikes to choose from. We also provide a GPS tracking system in our vehicles, when in case of emergencies, we are always here to help you.

You absolutely do not have to worry about the quality of bikes. Our bikes are well maintained. We do not hand out second hand bikes at our bike rental. Just get your Drivers’ License, an ID proof and an Address proof and you are all set.

We want to make your journey as memorable, convenient and economical as possible. You do not have to hand in any security deposit while renting the vehicle. If you do not have any time to take away the two-wheeler from our location after renting it, that is okay. Let us know and we will take the trouble of delivery and pick-up.

So, what is holding you up then? Get adventurous, explore and get to know Namma Bengaluru, make your life easy and better.

Register at and get on track now!


bengaluru - the garden city

Bengaluru, our very own beautiful city is not just the IT hub and Silicon Valley of India , but also one of the most ‘travelled to’ destinations in the country. The weather here, which remains consistent throughout the year gets people in the North to envy the city. Our city is a traveler’s delight, where one can witness a fine mixture of architectural brilliance and natural getaways.

While the people in the Northern region crave to visit Bengaluru and the places around it, what does the city have in store for people residing there and looking for a day out? Streets like Commercial Street, MG Road, and Cubbon Park to name a few are always crowded whereas malls and restaurants have become a cliché!

Luckily for all of us, Bengaluru is surrounded by tons of places one can visit, to relax and get into the adventurous mode. Check out these places around Bengaluru. Rent a bike from the nearest bike rental, get on it and ride away to explore these places.


This place is simply devoted to dance. ‘Nrityagram’ means “The Village of Dance”, Dance is a way of life at Nrityagram. It is filled with soulful music where passionate artists rehearse and perform to the beats of it all the times. The school is set up by one of the most renowned Odissi dancers, Protima Gauri. It is a must visit for an art and cultural enthusiast. Located at a distance of 35 kms from Bengaluru, the place makes a person’s heart leap and dance in joy. One can also enjoy Hesaraghatta Grassland Cycling on their way back.



The flourishing greenery and the serene backwaters are just what you need for a peaceful weekend flit. Kerekaadu is the place of tranquility amidst turmoil. Gaze the stars, roast your marshmallows at the campfire and bathe in the moonlight at night. Go Kayaking or canoeing during the day. Kayaking sessions are conducted at the place too. Just make a booking and take off. It is only an hour’s ride from Bengaluru.

It is a must visit place for all Bengaluruans.



One can go trekking or rock climbing and rest on the small meadows amid the trees, explore the naturally formed volcanic rocks, caves and the enduring spring that flows through the hillocks, go abseiling or simply shout out “Kitne Aadmi The Re?”. ‘Antharagange’ in Kannada translates to ‘Ganges from the deep’.This place is 70 km away from Bangalore in the Kolar district. It has natural hot water springs and a temple at the top of the hill.  It is probably one of the perfect holiday destinations that Enid Blyton would write a mystery or adventure story about. SholayKitneAadmiThe Re.


Nandi Hills:

Ride along the curvy lanes to the misty mountains and experience the breathtaking sunrise. Our all-time favourite Nandi Betta, caters as the finest trekking destination and the most popular Sunday getaway. It, being at an elevation of 1478m from the sea level is the first choice for bike riders. Do not forget to visit the ‘Indian Paratha Company’ (IPC) for some sizzling yummy Parathas on the way back.



The beautiful long ride, the lovely scenic views, trekking trails, prolific greenery and the surrounding temples would make one feel “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. Located on the banks of the river ‘Kaveri’, Shivanasamudra is a splendid waterfall located about 140 kms away from the city and is another excellent place to spend the weekend at. It literally translates to ‘Shiva’s Sea’. Drench in the waterfall and be the one with nature!



Go see the old and popular Mysore Zoo, the graceful goddess Chamundi and the mighty Mahishasura at Chamundi Hills, the soothing temples of Vontikoppal, the majestic Mysore Palace, the beautiful Butterfly Park, the exquisite Karanji lake and end the day with the fabulous musical fountain at the Brindavan Gardens. One can start early in the morning, visit the cultural heritages like Tippu Sultan’s summer palace and Ranganathittu bird sanctuary at Srirangapatna and then reach Mysore by late in the morning. The cultural capital of the State of Karnataka is one of the most picked spots for a day’s travel from Bengaluru.



The frondescence en route Chunchi falls is absolutely mind-blowing! Bring out those rugged jeans and trekking shoes, rent a bike and proceed. Feel the little droplets of the waterfall on your face, enjoy the downrush and melody. Located on the banks of Arkavati, near the Mekedatu Sangama, where three rivers join the flow, it is just 83 kms away from Bengaluru. Make a deviation off the trail towards the right to find another smaller waterfall that joins the main one later on. Chunchi is the place to visit post monsoon or during winter to experience the sight.



When all these places are just waiting to be visited, why wait? Walk to the nearest bike rental company, get a two wheeler on rent and ride away!


Monthly bike rental in Bangalore

Monthly bike rental in bangalore info graphic

Monthly bike-rental and scooty on monthly rental in Bangalore are on the rise.  This niche market is popular amongst the young crowd studying in colleges, working professionals, and amongst the long travellers who tend to travel for months together exploring different cities and cultures. Bike-rental service has become an alternate transport solution for which facilitates time and cost saving. Monthly bike rental service operator in Bangalore solve the long waited day to day problem of the city by ensuring that the following conditions are met:

  • Independent transportation: with Ontrack, an individual enjoys the freedom of being independent. One doesn’t have to be dependent on any other mode of transportation, be it public transport such as bus, metro, cabs and auto rickshaws.
  • Affordable mode of transport: renting vehicle on a monthly basis come as cheap asRs. 5 per kilometre. Whereas taxi operators or other mode of transport cost Rs. 10-13 per kilometre. Opting monthly bike rental service doesn’t put hole in one’s pockets.
  • Hassle-free servicing and maintenance: Ontrack takes the responsibility for the maintenance of its bikes and ensures door-to-door servicing. Therefore, the customer doesn’t face any hassles and is always ready to hit the road.
  • Own a bike even without purchasing: An individual doesn’t have to block his capital just to purchase a vehicle. We do not ask for security deposit or any capital blockage. We believe that one just doesn’t rent a vehicle, they own the vehicle.
  • Choice is yours’: Monthly bike rental gives an opportunity to go for different bike’s model by choosing model of any two wheelers. It is commuter’s choice to change from motorcycle to scooty or any two wheelers at the end of any monthly period.


This week’s Ride to: K R Market


Named after the Mysore king Krishnaraja Wodeyar, KR market is not your ordinary market run by corporates. This market has a soul that bursts out in colorful arrays of flowers, stacks of fruits and spices and let’s not forget the words of negotiations echoing through its streets.

At the wee hours of dawn, when the city sleeps, we woke up to witness the KR flower market in all its glory. Two steps into one of Asia’s largest flower markets and out came the vendors, trucks loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. We were initially taken aback by the mixture of human and vehicle traffic but in the end the constant sense of urgency and excitement got to us like a contagious virus and in no time we were hopping along, snapping away cheerfully.

KR Flower Market

It’s funny how when Bangalore is spoken of to an oblivious tourist, the first thing that they blurt out is Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park or Bannerghatta Zoo. We do not stand to deny the significance and beauty of these iconic places but it doesn’t really speak of Bangalore’s diversity and culture. Let’s break that generic stereotype one flower at a time!

The authenticity and the essence of the true Kannada culture actually dwells in the nooks and crannies of the state. We were lucky enough to find a charm in the not-so-little Flower Market that we fell a little in love with. There is a wistful air about the place and it’s not only the fragrance of the flowers but the passion for the business coupled with a special bond amongst the vendors. It was almost as if the Market was an old soul in the IT capital of the country.KR market is a three storied building spreading across a good number of acres and with its bustling Kalasipalya commotion and uproar.KR flower market is the hub of all canary yellows, all hues of red accompanied with stains of pink, making it a picture perfect spot.

In our opinion, it’s only fair to let the people know what they are missing out on and share these moments with us. It’s about time we stop denying the immense potential the flower market holds in the field of tourism.


Only one question remains. Are you up to take a second look at your city? To see with new eyes and fact check your knowledge of Namma Bengaluru.

Be soft on the curves

Be soft on the curves

Dozens of lives are lost every day as a result of careless driving, over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or even using mobile phones while riding. We at Ontrack – bike rental, care for each of those riders/ drivers out on the roads enjoying what they love the most; riding/ driving. We believe that the all the above accidents on the roads could be prevented through embracing and adhering to road safety-measures. Following are few tips to road safety:

  • Follow the rules of the road: A smart rider should always obey the rules of the road and carry his/ her Driving License at any time. One should always plan the route to the destination, giving themselves enough time to reach there. And, should always wear protection gears and travel within the speed limit.
  • Vehicle fitness: One should always ensure that their vehicle is ready for departure. Look for any faults and ensure full-check before embarking on the destination. Also, bikes should never be overloaded.
  • Rider fitness: One should never ride under the influence of alcohol, avoid using mobile phones, and always be alert. Be physically prepared to take the journey.
  • Rider behaviour: Risk takers are collision makers. One must always ride defensively, keep both eyes on the road and avoid all distractions. Keep the temper cool, never retaliate and be courteous towards the fellow rider.
  • Recognise the safety of road users: have an instinct to identify the dangerous riders and pedestrians alongside the road and stay away from them. Always be visible and pay attention to broken signals and broken lights of other vehicles.
  • Adjust to difficult terrain: One must always be extra cautious and adjust themselves to terrains while driving at night, in foggy or bad weather or when the road is wet. Treat your bike like a giant machine and keep total control over it.
  • Emergency road equipment: keep essential roadside equipment with you as vehicles tend to breakdown due to minor problems. Always keep a number of roadside assistance and other emergencies saved on your phone, so that one is well-prepared for any eventuality


                                                                                 Happy Riding!

NH n

Bike rental poem

To find the unexpected warmth in a foreign land,

To make peace with being lonesome in a crowd,

To be a wanderlust,

To experience kindness from an alienated soul,

To watch the horizon from the other side,

To capture the curves of the earth,

To dance through the culture,

To while away your time in slow travel,

To revel in the June gloom,

To discover the rustic home in the midst of all chaos,

To recognize yourself in disturbed waters,

To take your taste buds through a culinary trip,

To hold on tight in a moving world,

To share a bonfire with the unknown,

To finding comfort in diverse souls,

To leap into the indefinite,

To pay all dues but a tariff,

To appreciate the stars by yourself,

To argue with the locals and win,

Biking through my fears

Having mild OCD (although I really prefer perfectionist), I’d rehearsed my answer a couple hundred times. “Why would you want to travel alone? Why don’t you take your brother along? Or your friends?” she said bent over, peering at her chopping board.

Ma, travelling alone is an experience. It’s a journey of self-discovery. – Check one.

Besides, you meet more people alone than when you’re travelling with people. – Check two.

Also, Ma, if you really want to travel that should be reason enough to go. You don’t always have to bring someone along. – Check three.

There. Strong words. Supportive words. But it sounded more like a reassurance mantra to me than a convincing argument put forward to my mother.

Everyone’s always yakking about traveling solo with such romanticism and wistfulness, armed with their Tumblr quotes and their bucket lists, but when you’ve kick-started that bike and taken the plunge, it’s a different story altogether. At least for me.

Biking through my fears

I’ve had too many nightmares about what ifs and maybes than I care to admit. My fears endless and my dread constant, I picture myself in an alien place and have no clue what-so-ever about what to do.

It overwhelmed me to think about having to navigate a network of streets from scratch. It alarmed me to think about being misunderstood and pitied by utter strangers. It embarrassed me to think about fumbling for words in a language I didn’t even know, to begin with. It crushed me to think about my insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

Biking through my fears1

How will I make friends? How will I ensure my safety? I’m all for strong women breaking stereotypes but there is a considerable amount of safety concerns that come along with a girl travelling by herself. I doubt if I’m mentally powerful enough to handle tough situations.

What if I miss out? Starring into a little guidebook, what if I miss out on the actual essence and experience of the destination and end up wasting time, energy and money?

What if I feel lonely?

Biking through my fears2

And let’s face it, we aren’t going to magically be happy in a different place. There’s no magic button that will make you more adventurous and more daring. There’s no mandate that everything is better off on the road. You’ll still be you, wherever you are in this big, beautiful world. Bad hair days and everything


How to Get a Bike on Rent

how to get a bike on rent

Most individuals would not have a fair idea of how to get a bike on rent in Bangalore. First of all, identify the need for a bike on rent. (Eg. Would one require a bike for an hour, a day, a week, a month, etc.?) Let us help in breaking it down:
1. Need

The most important aspect is to identify the need for renting a bike. Based on the need, we shall move forward. (Eg. If the need is for long-term then one would scout for monthly bike rental services and NOT daily bike rental services)

2. Selection of service provider

Selection of any bike rental organization is very critical as it is directly proportional to the experience one would face. One must have clarification on the following:

  • Is  there any security deposit?
  • What is the lock-in period?
  • How long would it take for one to receive the bike from the time of payment?
  • What, if any, are the terms and conditions?
  • Are there any hidden costs involved?
  • What is the policy revolving around the return of the vehicle?
  • Is there any policy regarding the servicing of the vehicle
  • What is the policy regarding rental payment (Eg. Late payment fees, if any)

There could be a plethora of questions but these questions would give one a reasonable idea about the bike rental organization and their policies.

3. Selection of the bike

Once a bike rental organization has been shortlisted then one can move onto selection of the model

4. Documentation

The next step is to fulfill any requirements relating to legal documentation (Eg. Submitting DL, Government approved ID proof, etc.)

5. Payment

Once the organization accepts the documentation, the next step would be to make the payment (if there is a prepaid system in place)

6. Delivery

Finally, one could take possession of the bike at a predefined location or even better, have it delivered to the place of residence/office/wherever one would wish to take the bike from, i.e., if the organization offers “home delivery” as a value added service

For an awesome experience, rent out a bike from Ontrack.



Bike Rental in Bangalore


Bike Rental in Bangalore

Bangalore is referred as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as the nation’s leading IT exporter and to survive in this city, effective transportation is necessary. Not a single day transpires without us taking our vehicles out for a spin. Be it corporate or college, everyone needs to spend a good deal of time on wheels so you might as well enjoy it. Again, this depends on your moyen de transport. We spend a lot on our transport on a daily basis, and an alternate solution to the problem is bike-rental. There are many companies in the bike-rental market providing hourly, daily or weekly rentals. But Ontrack unlike other rentals, offers bikes on a monthly basis(Monthly bike rental).

One can rent a bike at Ontrack for an entire month with approximately the same amount of money you’d be spending on an hourly rental for a week. Plus, you get to keep your vehicle for the entire 24 hours! So if you feel like a midnight rendezvous, there’s nothing stopping you.

Ontrack in addition to being affordable is very transparent. It covers your insurance and also provides you with a helmet. It’s hassle free and presents you with a myriad of bikes to choose from.

We believe that renting a bike at Ontrack is beneficial in many ways.

  • Zero Security Deposit: We at Ontrack do not believe in putting a hole in our customer’s pockets. All we believe in is trust and complete transparency between our customers. We aim at giving each of customer the freedom from financial glitches.
  • Maintenance included: We understand how hectic life can be. One deserves to spend their life doing what they love to do. To ensure this, we provide door-step servicing and maintenance of the vehicles.
  • No hidden costs: What you see is what you pay. Our pricing includes all costs such as basic cost, servicing, insurance and all taxes.
  • Option to switch: We provide our customers an option to switch their existing vehicle with any other vehicle of their own choice. We give our customer the freedom to pick any vehicle from the different models available.
  • No lock-in: We do not burden our customers with lock-in. Individual is free to rent a bike for any number of months. We ensure a hassle-free opt-out service, allowing the customer to return the bike any time.

So what is holding you up then? Get Ontrack now!


Bike Rental – Independent Transport

With the rapid pace of growth in the cities what has grown more is the need for affordable transport facilities. While most cities today have a remarkable network of buses and other public transport like autos, the constraints that come along with them are immense.

The constraint of public transport!

  1. Routes restriction

Any form of public transport requires you to leave way too early just to reach on time, this comes with the restriction of particular routes to be followed.

  1. Reliability and assurance

Another constraint that comes along with public transport is the lack of reliability or assurance. While you might have left your place way before time to reach the destination, you cannot say for sure, when the next bus to that place would be leaving.This adds to the “time overhead and you are left helpless, just hoping to reach on time.

In the present scenario where people value time more than money, time is a commodity you cannot afford to waste and being punctual is a must.”

To save time, an alternative transport for ones who do not own a private vehicle is taxis, reserved autos, and cabs. Although they may be able to provide you with the necessary savings on time, they are not pocket-friendly and any last moment changes lead to a hassle. It seems unfair to make one choose between time and money, so what does one do?

The solution to this problem is affordable bike rentals. While you may not be able to own one yet, you can surely rent one. When I say rent, it doesn’t mean to rent it for a day or two, of course, it doesn’t make any sense, but what does make sense is if you could rent it for a longer term, like a month or a fortnight.


Why Monthly Bike Rental?

  1. Route Independency

This provides a person Independent transport facility to let the person choose his own route, own stops and change destination as and when they choose without any hassle.

  1. Independence and Ownership

The modern youth is wishful, it seeks independence and ownership.The high that comes with freedom is one of its kind and bike rentals can surely give you the freedom to choose.

  1. No Maintenance

Maintenance service is being looked by the Bike rental company, the company makes sure that bike must be maintained regularly to be in hassle-free driving condition.

  1. Multi-Brand and Model Bike Riding

The modern generation can ride different bikes by changing the model on a monthly basis which is very difficult in case fo owning bike riding.

Conclusion – Monthly Bike Rentals in Bengaluru is an alternative option for daily commutator.  Bike rental in Bengaluru is the most needed service for the modern youth either college student or newly joined employees or who are not sure about the place of living in coming time. Ontrack – monthly bike rentals in Bangalore provides an affordable, maintenance free, transparent and finally an alternative transportation for the people of Bangalore.

Why do we need Ontrack?

In short, because we can’t transport to places the way wizards do.

We evolved from single celled to gazillion celled creatures. We reached up to the moon and walked the deep trenches of the ocean. Some may call it progressive and gloat about how easy everything is now that we are in the 21st century, but before we congratulate ourselves, please spare a second and take a look at this-


We traded the beautiful verdant plains for smoke filled sewers. Now, who here dare call it progressive?

Fret not though. You’ve only seen the devils emerge off Pandora’s Box but behold, for here comes hope. Ontrack is in fully functioning mode. You can now rent your favorite bikes from Ontrack at affordable rates and reach your destination faster by picking the best route possible, avoiding all that dreadful traffic.

Now, some might be wondering that it would prove cost effective in the long run to just buy a vehicle. Don’t worry, we’ll bust that myth right off your head. Buying a vehicle is not really as easy as it sounds. Firstly, there is the high initial investment required and lots of paperwork to be filled. Secondly, the cost of maintenance and the time spent in doing that would override the whole point of convenient transport. Adding to that, with people being posted and reposted to different places faster than it takes for a person to spell A-P-P-L-E, it makes little sense to own a vehicle. Instead, by renting a bike, one can use it exactly the way it is meant to be used- for transport. You’ll not have to worry whether any of the parts requires oiling or if the brake is tight enough. You can kiss all that paperwork goodbye. Irrespective of where you are, you can always be assured of having your bike delivered to you. To top it all, you can ride a different vehicle every month as per your fancies!

If you are a student you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by buying a vehicle now, would you? Neither would you want to book a cab and have someone drive you around while you take the back seat, *NO WAYS*. Renting a vehicle would prove very cost effective and ups your cool quotient. Traveling to different places, be it for a breath of fresh air or for the sake of projects or both couldn’t get any easier. Also, it comes in handy especially when you are out for a rendezvous with that special someone *wink*

Renting vehicles is the best solution to just about anyone who needs to travel on a regular basis. With companies providing for day to day commute to its employees, buying a vehicle would be like buying a pet sans affection. You would end up only having to service it regularly and not get anything out of it.

So rent a vehicle as per your convenience. Don’t waste time in maintenance. Enjoy every second of your free time because you deserve it.

Got a better solution than this?

It only takes two to Tango

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘superhero’?

Probably flight right?

Like in the movies- ‘Superman to the rescue!’

You know what is the closest we can feel to that? It’s speeding on a motorbike up the curves of a beautiful mountain pass. Ah, the smell of the winds with a hint of rain in it, the chilly cocoon of lush greenery surrounding you while you gaze at the fast changing scenery through a blanket of clouds- priceless!

This kind of an experience is characteristic of two wheelers alone. On a bike, you can almost imagine that the vehicle is an extension of your own body unlike in a car where it feels rather like a room with wheels. It can be spacious but the whole fun of traveling is zapped off and like the saying goes- ‘its not the destination but the journey that counts’.  The maxim can be taken at the word as clearly we spend most of our time traveling wherever it is we are headed to so why not make it as invigorating as possible?

Bikes on account of its small form have sizeable advantages. You can easily slither ahead in a traffic jam or climb up footpaths and whizz past cars and their fuming drivers. Bikes also come in very handy when you have that cool leather jacket which you oh so badly wish to show off. It’s also the only vehicle which can make even a nerd look cool.

Many successful individuals with the luxury of owning top notch cars still prefer the thrill that accompanies bike rides and goes out on bike treks with fellow enthusiasts every so often. There are tales of people who were inspired to new heights of passion by the sole idea of traveling on a two wheeler. “I love the freedom of a motorcycle. There is nothin like it […] When it rains I am gonna get wet when it’s 28 degrees (Farenhite) I’m gonna get cold…It’s just the joys of motorcycling” says Murph a multi-millionaire who now lives on the road because he just can’t get enough. Check out his amazing story here.

With so much of our work being done online, physical interaction with people has declined alarmingly and has lead to more and more people being diagnosed with psychological problems. Loneliness and depression are some of the most common issues faced by a large chunk of the population. With parents demanding so much from their children, the pressure has skyrocketed. Suicides are on the rise. Travelling is considered a panacea to all of these problems. Nature has a voice of its own and by reaching out to it, we can calm our inner devils.

With the weather as it currently is, forcing out creatures of every hue and color out of its cranny, there was never a better time to head on out on a long drive simply to enjoy nature’s marvels. You could take along binoculars and capture beautiful pictures of exotic birds with their babies trailing behind, gaze at animals of different shapes or click selfies with flowers which open their petals as wide as possible to catch that last trickle of rainfall. Gulp in the fresh air and reenergize yourself.

Get back in form this season, ready to save the world if need be!

3 Movies that will make you want to pick up your Scooter STAT!

As clichéd as it sounds, to travel is to find yourself. In this busy world, taking those few steps out of a routine is the only way to pound out on our refresh button. Yeah, we don’t live in a fantasy world where travelling is as easy as packing a bag and heading out the door. Everyday we’re stuck in a grind, it’s wake up, dress up, traffic, office/college, lunch, traffic. If the Wizard of Oz taught us anything it’s that there is always a silver lining almost as if to say, “Thank God for traffic”. You’re probably wondering what the beeeeeeeep we’re yaking about? Only because of the daily rut we’re in do we know the value of an open road, the breeze in your hair and a lovely Ontrack Scooter! When your feet itch to travel but they’re tied down by the shackles of the day to day happenings, it’s only logical to crave a warm bed, a pair of fuzzy socks and a laptop filled with sweet escapes. If you feel our vibe here, give these movies a go! No Spoilers, so kick back and relax!

  1. Motorcycle Diaries – This movie can be seen as the first chapter to all of the things Che Guevara went on to do with his life. The iconic Che that we have come to know from our history textbooks today, started off as a kid with an eye for travel. Sure, his revolutionary beliefs can be argued upon all day, but it simply cannot be denied that he altered the world in some way and it was travel that inspired him to do so. The movie struck a note because of the simplistic beauty of letting go just to find oneself (Ironic, isn’t it?). We guarantee you’ll have your mind blown away by the cinematography that portrays the stark contradictions of not taking yourself too seriously and the harsh realities of life. So, we invite you to take a chance, to spin your beliefs and watch this movie. We apologize if it makes you want to take a long ride away. Or wait, Maybe we’re not sorry!
  2. Into the Wild – Have you ever thought of minimalism as liberating? Would you dare to actually leave everything behind, and we mean EVERYTHING, and hit the road? This movie in so many ways makes us want to give all our worldly possessions up, bring out all of our inner Kesha out and run wild. This movie is your ticket back in time. It shows that embarrassing moment you had with your crush and the bully that made fun of you isn’t spared either. All of it is but a moment that made you a stronger person. You are a body of experience and that’s all you need to back yourself up in any situation. For those souls who seemed to have lost that little spark, this movie will ignite a bonfire within your heart.
  3. Wild – For all the women out there who were told travelling solo is a strict no no, we say “Ha! You go do whatever the hell pleases that amazing soul of yours chicka.” This movie is one that’s close to our heart and with Reese Witherspoon’s acting *jaw-drops and double takes all over town* need we say more? The movie incites a dangerous amount of fierceness while a virtual cape gets attached, along with a truckload of “Goddamn, I’m unstoppable!”. If you need to pick yourself up when life drags you down to rock bottom, movies like this could be the fuel to your Scooter. And hey! If Reese can do it, so can you!

We at Ontrack would request you to fasten your helmets, ride safe into the world of possibilities, and Oh! we would love to hear from you!