Your business needs ontrack

The logistics in this country is carried out on two-wheelers. However, businesses do not have any option other than acquiring their own fleet. Ontrack is here to offer an alternate solution through its various leasing packages that will suit your business. The primary reason for you to choose us is that managing bikes is not your core business - it's ours and we take pride in it.

Enterprise Solution

What is leasing?

Leasing is a smart move for any business to optimise its costs on vehicle procurement and fleet management.

Pick the model and variation of the bikes your organization needs. Ontrack will lease the bikes to your organization for the number of years required. What's more, through the lifecycle Ontrack deals with it, from protection to upkeep to breakdown help and resale. So you get the versatility without the bother of owning and overseeing it. Towards the end of the residency, just give back the bikes and take another. This, for only a settled regularly scheduled payout!

Benefits of leasing

There are unlimited advantages to lease the vehicles. You outsource the danger to us

  • You lessen the time spent overseeing vehicles and managing such issues as installments, routine overhauling, defective bikes and street mishaps
  • You accomplish more noteworthy straightforwardness
  • Your employees have clear targets taking into account target criteria that they are better ready to meet
  • Your organization can do money related estimating and foresee its spending designs over an extended period